10-11-11 - Comcast

Comcast keeps calling me with some horrible auto-dialer trying to tell me something. Unfortunately., if I just ignore it or screen it, it leaves me an automated message on my voicemail.

I try to ignore it for a while, but constantly having voicemails to go through is damn annoying so I finally call them up.

Enter your damn phone number. Bleep bloop. Urg I hate you. Mash buttons through the menu. Urg.

Me : "Why the fuck are you calling me over and over?"

Comcast : "Sir that's because you have a late a balance due ... "

Me (interrupting) , "Umm, my account is on credit card pay, why the fuck do I have a late balance?"

Comcast : "Sir that's because credit card payments aren't processed for 2-3 months after setting up the account"

Me : "Umm, okay so can I just pay the balance now so they stop pestering me?"

Comcast : "No it will be charged automatically in the next billing cycle"

Me : "So can you stop calling me?"

Comcast : "Unfortunately I can't do that, but I can give you a number to call ..."

Me : (sighs and rolls eyes)

Comcast : "..it's 877-824-2288"

Me : "Umm.. that's the generic comcast customer support number"

Blah. Boring, I know. So frustrating. I have absolutely no recourse, I can't pick a different internet provider, and I can't fight with these people because they just send you around in circles and you never get to talk to anyone with power. You always get some damn call center person who says "I'm sorry I can't do that".

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