09-20-11 - Sensory Pollution

My TV has a red light to indicate that it's OFF. Everything has lights to indicate they're on, including the power strips and UPS and such. The alarm sensors have a mess of lights.

Everything beeps when you press buttons. Gas air blower and lawn mower. Truck backing up, beep beep beep. Car alarms going off. Fucking beeps and honks when cars lock and unlock.

Fucking car headlights are way too bright. Some annoying cars now have this sparkle flashy thing when they brake.

It's an assault. Literally, it beats on your brain with a cudgel of "look at me!". No, god dammit, I want to look at what I choose to pay attention to.


Aaron said...

BMW headlights are gonna get lasers, you'll be happy to know.

sylvain-v said...

"My TV has a red light to indicate that it's OFF."
My Samsung TV had the same shit. Turned out there's a setting in Menu/Setup/Light effect to tune that.

Now it's ON when the tv is ON. Seems so logical...

Tom Forsyth said...

I have a Samsung and I deliberately changed it from the factory setting to be off when the TV is on. Because otherwise this irritating blue ring is always there when I'm watching the telly.

Now what does annoy me is the absurd soft-on/soft-off thing - because it takes ~10 seconds to change, I can't tell if I pressed the button properly or not. So I reflexively press it again. Now did I successfully press it 0, 1 or 2 times? #NerdWorldProblems

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