09-11-11 - Walk to the Lake

In pictures :

Discovered this hole in my bathroom ceiling. The gray at the top is the bottom of the upstairs bathtub, so I assume this was a water overflow that soaked through, so they just cut out the rotten bits all the way through three layers of floor. So that was most of a day wasted fixing this, and then repainting the ceiling. The worst part was that the hole they cut was a ragged mess so I had to square it up, and the ceiling is old plaster and lathe which is a pain in the ass to cut cleanly.

Leaving home now. Back yard is a nice place to sit. It's great to be able to walk down to the lake at the end of a long hot day of breathing plaster dust and paint fumes.

Fucking neighbor is running a drain pipe from his gutter onto my property. More annoying shit to deal with.

I feel like the blackberries have been especially good this year. Maybe it's just because I've moved to an area that has a lot more wild land than Cap Hill. In Seattle if you ignore a patch of land for a few minutes it becomes instantly covered in black berries. There's a pretty good patch of blackberries on almost every block around here, so you can take a stroll and snack as you go. I love just the smell of them, they make the air sweet and rich. I love how they come ripe at different times based on sun exposure and microclimate, so that the ripe season lasts over a month, you just pick from different sides of the block.

One of the trees on my parking strip is growing into the power lines. In Seattle it's the home owner's responsibility to keep their trees out of the lines. Texas and CA are not like that, the city or power company does it. Seattle also has no street sweeping (except right down town). And there are very few street lights (home owners are suggested to have a bright porch light).

On the way down to the lake now; there's been this congregation of sail boats next to I-90 almost every day this summer.

My local swim spot. Nice and un-crowded. Unfortunately there's also a sewage pipe near here (there seems to be one at almost every swim spot, including the official ones with life guards, I'm not quite sure why that is, I guess there's a mutual correlation that swim spots and sewer lines both tend to be on large patches of public land). ( see here for map )


Thatcher Ulrich said...

This looks awesome. Jealous of the berries.

Thatcher Ulrich said...

It's hard to find a good faucet. I have one similar to this: http://www.groheamerica.com/p/25_8086.html

And another one similar to this: http://www.groheamerica.com/p/25_8077.html

I actually prefer the joystick one. For one thing it has the pull-out spray, but for another thing, if I want something in between hot and cold, it's only one motion to turn it on/off.

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