08-22-11 - Rambling

Usually the most annoying thing about dogs at the park is actually their owners. The dog is behaving just fine, but the owner is going on and on in a string of blather like "come here choo choo , sit choo choo, good boy, isn't he so cute? get your stick choo choo" , I want to walk up to the owner and go "sit human, quiet human, good human".

I'm generally anti-"experientalist" (that is, the school of thought that you can't have a valid opinion on something without experiencing it first hand) but I'm pretty sure that all the anti-immigration nut-jobs have never actually talked to an immigrant in a serious way.

I fucking hate call centers that automatically route me to a regional call center based on my phone's area code. They never warn you that they are doing so, or give you a chance to opt out of it. Or god forbid, look up my phone number's account info and fucking see my address. Oh no, I have to be like 10 minutes into describing my problem to the fucking wrong state guy and he's like "oh, you're in WA, let me transfer you..." no!!

Also, fuck you call center people who can see my phone number but ask me for it anyway. I've only discovered this because I like to give people my Google Voice number, but I'm calling from my cell phone, so the caller Id shows something different. They say "what's your phone number?" and I say "XXX" and they say "I see you're calling from YYY" and I'm like WTF, first of all, yeah, so what, I told you XXX just fucking write it down you monkey, don't question me, and second of all, you could've just started with, "can I use the number you're calling from?" that would save the average person a lot of time.

Also, if you are fucking confused by the fact that my phone area code is not a Seattle area code, then I have some "it's so hard to program a VCR" jokes that you might like.

I enjoyed the Stieg Larsson books, but I was disappointed by the cliff they went off after the first one. I thought the first was a good beach page-turner that was sort of remarkable for how simple it was, most of the book is about researching in files of paper, and it's very sort of compact and old fashioned, despite how he constantly says it's "not a locked room mystery" , of course it is sort of. But then after the first book it becomes ridiculous super heroes and super villians and stupid action, still a good page turner, but without the quiet charm.

I enjoyed "A small death in Lisbon", but I was a bit disturbed by just how much relish the author seems to take in his characters more prurient behavior. It felt a bit like watching someone masturbate to scat porn. (hmm, not that ever watching someone masturbate is a good thing... my analogy is a bit off...)

"The Shadow Line" is like so fucking great right up until the big reveal at the end. I was so excited to see a cop show that's actually about a big conspiracy, some intrigue. God I am sick of the minute fucking clinical analysis of these boring ass petty crimes that are on all cop shows these days. Give me big government schemes, underworlds, shadowy figures, and skip the fucking CSI pseudo-scientific bullshit. I think the casting is also superb, particularly Rafe Spall as Jay Wratten just absolutely gives me the creeps; actually everyone in it is awesome except for the females who are pretty uniformly terrible. Anyhoo, it's all going great and then ... WTF ? This is what it's all about? Are you fucking kidding me? So disappointing.

BTW quick modern BBC cliche cheat sheet :

Black guy with white female.

Females who act super cold/professional/masculine/emotionless (but then occasionally turn to mush).

Random/inappropriate yelling in beaurocratic meetings.

I'm not sure if the yelling started with Waking the Dead, or maybe Gordon Ramsay? I dunno, but Brits really like to watch a man lose his temper. Grow a fucking sack, Britain. Trevor Eve (or Chiwetel Ejiofor, or Idris Elba, or whoever you have yelling at you on this hour's show) is not your daddy and he's not going to tell you to straighten up and fly right. Is this your idea of admirable behavior? Who thinks this is a good leader? And it's so outrageously unrealistic. The person receiving the yelling always just sort of sits and takes it with a look on their face that's either like "mmm, saucy" or "well I've really been straightened out".


Kim Pallister said...

>Brits really like to watch a man lose his temper

Look up Malcolm Tucker on YouTube. I agree it's cliche but this guy dials it up to a point I like it

In The Loop is sort of TheOffice-like parody around WestWing-paced politics (except in the UK)

nothings said...

I felt like the Idris Elba losing his temper in Luther was never meant to be a good thing, it was supposed to be a character failing.

Then again they let him off pretty easy overall, so maybe not.

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