08-18-11 - Rainier Watch

"Sunrise" is peaking right now; it looks like this from afar :

It's sunny, the snow is in patches now, the wild flowers are out in force, carpeting the hill sides in blankets of colors, the meadows are covered by the explosion of spring growth that pops out of the frozen earth.

Go right now, go Friday (the weekend up there is a nightmare), by Monday it may be too late. There are some really great scrambles in the Palisades area, best scrambles of my life, technical, fun, great views for rewards, email me if you want details.

(and no, the real mountain doesn't have "autopano" written on it)

A couple of "fuck yous" to the world :

Fuck you park service, who after hiking 4 miles out away from everyone, sticks all the camp sites right on top of each other. Yeah yeah I get why they do it so save your smart-ass-but-not-actually-smart comments.

Fuck you lazy fat tourists who can't be bothered to go more than half a mile from their cars, but do just love to go off trail and stomp around in the delicate alpine meadow with their fat ugly asses in their unnecessary trekking suits.

Fuck you REI for sticking your giant logo on everything so that I stare right at it as I go to sleep and it subliminally burns into my fucking brain. God dammit I want to see nature, not advertising, it's like fucking Times Square out in the woods these days with the brands on everything. And ..

Fuck you REI for making all your shit bright orange or whatever other heinous color. I guess it's intentional so it's easy to see, but it makes a couple of tents by a lake so much more of an eyesore than it needs to be. If your shit was just green and brown the woods would look so much better.

.. oh I can't really do the "fuck yous" justice right now. The world is a beautiful place out there in the wild.

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