08-15-11 - More finance

I've gotta get off this topic soon because it's a huge distraction and also just very depressing. The sad thing is that for most of us, the most +EV life move is just to close our eyes and say "la la la" and pretend we don't know about any of this.

It's funny that Geithner was sold to us as a government technocrat who wasn't a "financial insider" when nothing could be further from the truth. While it's true he has worked in government, he is deeply connected to Citi and the whole modern bubble. He rose under Summers and Rubin, who are responsible for Gramm�Leach�Bliley that deregulated finance (as well as lots of other deregulations during that time, such as keeping derivatives off book, removing SEC oversight of many institutions and lowering reserve requirements). Geithner was offered the CEO job of Citi but turned it out. Geithner's appointment to the NY Fed was backed by Citi (the NY Fed was amusingly appointed by the banks it was supposed to regulate, it's long been corrupt by design).

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