08-02-11 - Coder Dictionary - -to checker-

To checker : verb, intransitive : to descend into the technical minutia of a subject which is only tangentially related to your project ; to work very hard and yet make very little progress toward shipping ; to stretch a few day task into many months.

I've definitely been checkering a bit for the last month on all this lockfree shit. However, I contend it was only a "half checker" because what I've been doing is actually useful to posterity (I think), whereas to complete a "full checker" you have to go off into technical minutia about topics that help *nobody* and make your friends completely exasperated.

(I kid, I kid)


Joel Bernstein said...

We call that "Yak Shaving".

Robin Green said...

Does Mr Chris know you're talking about him?

cbloom said...

Mr. Chris was not called for comments prior to publication, because this journalist is sloppy, lazy, and self-indulgent.

You must be implying that's a faux-pas. I know it's borderline.

chrishecker said...

Sorry Charlie, you've got it backwards! You're actually pulling a full checker, because the delusional rationalization that your rathole is actually going to benefit the project or society is the key ingredient of a full checker. Once you admit you're only masturbating, then you pull out to a half checker.


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