06-08-11 - Pots 4

Last bunch for a while since I'm taking the summer off.

Large round bowl; rim is oribe, but not just applied over base glaze, I left some space bare at the rim so it would get better grip. The dark pattern on the side is kind of interesting. I dug grooves by chattering with a cutting tool, then applied an iron slip to the outside of the pot, then after it dried sanded away the slip. The result was just iron left in the chatter holes. Then the pot is glazed with yellow salt, which reacts with iron by darkening. So the outside is smooth but shows the cut grooves as dark spots.

Vase with triangular opening; Oribe glaze, did something weird that I didn't do on purpose at all, not sure how this happened, and I love that unpredictability :

Cylindrical vase ; Shino top oribe bottom ; top is dipped, then I poured on some extra layers of shino that create the white patterns where it's thick. The middle band is cobalt stain which I waxed over before glazing to create the clean boundaries; cobalt without a stain over it turns black in firing, if you put a clear over it, it would be brilliant blue.

Attempt at more geometric forms; meh

Medium size bowl; very round but a bit heavy. There's a ring of unglazed cobalt around the rim on this too; that was a mistake, I should have put clear over it to bring out the blue, you can only see a tiny band of what the blue would have been like. Oribe rim and a little pour of it into the bottom, just pour a tiny bit so you don't have to pour out excess.

Medium size bowl. Inside yellow salt, outside lung chuan. I did the outside by doing first a very thin watered down glaze layer (it's almost invisible but takes off the naked harshness of bare clay; I thinned a bit too much, just a tiny dash of water goes a long way). Then I dripped glaze while the pot spun to create very lumpy thick random application, sort of like sand castles. I think there's potential in this technique, will explore it further.

Small bowl; glaze base lung chuan, oribe splatter application by flicking a paint brush loaded with glaze. Not bad. Maybe stain splatter under clear glaze would be better.

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