05-03-11 - Image Dehancement

So many of the real estate ads now feature images that look like this :

Vomit. Quit it. Turning the saturation and contrast up to 11 does not make things look better.


Will said...

that window behind the sofa... what is that? is there really a chimney built against a window?

cbloom said...

Neighbor's house I presume. Most houses in Seattle city are about 2 feet away from the neighboring house.

Oddly that goes back to the original building of the city, not sure why exactly :


cbloom said...

(the odd thing to me is that they didn't build row houses here, which are actually connected to their neighbors and have various economies due to the shared wall, they built separate houses, but they put very little space between them, even though there was a bounty of land at the time)

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