03-11-11 - Rant Rant Rant

Well I found out you're not allowed to contribute to a Roth IRA if you make more than $120k or something. WTF god damn unnecessarily complicated tax laws. So now I get to deal with penalties for excess contribution. If you just leave it in there you get a 6% penalty *every year*. God damnit, the fucking Roth limit is $5000 anyway, it's not like the government is missing out on a ton of tax revenue because I made a contribution, it's just part of the fucking retarded way that they raise money without "raising taxes" because they aren't allowed to touch the nominal percent tax rate, they get it in other ways. (actually I'm sure that I made illegal contributions in past years too, god fucking dammit).

Oh, and god damnit why can't the IRS just do my taxes for me !? All I have are W2's and 1099's , you fuckers have all the information, and you're going to electronically check them against my filing, so you just fucking tell me what I'm supposed to pay.

Anyway, I hate fucking retirement savings. You're locking it up in a box where you aren't allowed to use it until you're old. Fuck you future self, you don't get my money, you can earn your own damn money.

My "Brownstripe" internet has been super flakey for the last week. It's incredibly frustrating trying to browse the web when the net is slow, because you become excruciatingly aware of all the unnecessary shit that people are doing on all their web pages. I'm just loading some blog I want to read and I keep getting "waiting for blah blah", site after site, various ad hosts, various tracker sites, etc. Shit like Google Maps is just horrible on slow/flakey nets. I want to be able to manually tell it to cancel all its previous requests and please update this fucking image tile right here that I'm clicking on.

Anyway, because of this I have discovered that Perforce is not actually robust over a flakey net connection. WTF Perforce, you are supposed to be well tested and super-robust. I submitted a big changelist over my flakey net connection. P4 crapped out (rather than retrying and just taking a long time like it should have), and managed to get itself into an invalid state. Some of the files in the changelist got submitted, and when I tried to do anything else to that changelist it told me "unknown changelist #". So I moved all the files in that changelist out to a new one and re-submitted once I got into the office, and discovered that about half the files had merge conflicts because they had already been sort of submitted (not actualy conflicts because it was just the same change) (and "add of added file" errors). WTF, not confidence inspiring P4. Changelist submission is supposed to be atomic.

My fucking PS3 wants to fucking update its system software every two minutes. The worst thing is that it won't let me use Netflix until I do. And it's the worst kind of prompt. I mean, first of all, it's my fucking system, don't force me to update if I don't want to (especially not when the major change in this update is "you can now set controller turn-off timeouts per controller" or some shit). Second of all, if I can't fucking run anything without doing the update, then just do it. Don't ask me. Especially don't pretend that it's optional. I get a prompt like "there is an update available; press X to do it or O to continue". Okay, I don't want to fucking update so I press O. Then after a minute of grinding, I get "press X to update or O to continue" , okay, I press O, don't update. Then I get "you need to log in", WTF I was logged in, but here goes... then I get "you must update your system software to log in". ARG! WTF if it's not optional just fucking do it.

I also wish I could make the PS3 boot directly into Netflix, since that's all I ever use it for. For a device that could be a simple consumer electronics device, it sure is making itself feel like an annoying computer. Oh, and in other PS3 complaint news : the wireless controllers are sort of fail. 1. We spilled like two drips of water on one of them and it doesn't work anymore; 2. They're too heavy, maybe that's the vibration motors, old PS1 controllers were much lighter. 3. The battery runs out in like two seconds if you don't set them to auto-turn off, and 4. if you do set them to auto-turn off they take way too long to wake up. Like, why is my TV remote so much better than my PS controller? The PS3 fan is also a bit too loud. It's much quieter than the Xenon, and it's tolerable when you're playing games, but when you're watching movies it's annoying. The PS3 audio output also has some shoddy non-ground-loop-protected wiring. I was getting a nasty hum out of my stereo and I finally tracked it down to the PS3 RCA wires that I had hooked up. I have various other loops of the same sort and none of them caused any hum, so I put the blame on the PS3.

In non-computer related ranting news, my fence got tagged (spray paint graffiti). I guess that's what happens when you live in an "up and coming" neighborhood. The tagging is just sort of amusing to me (my main complaint is that it's just a shitty tag, come on, put some artistry into it!). The annoying thing is that I have to get the landlord involved. I would just paint over it myself and not report it at all, but then they might see it's a shitty paint job and I'd be responsible. The landlord is just one of those fucking nightmare people who turn everything into a huge stressful hassle. She over-reacts and gets into a giant tizzy about things, it makes you just not want to tell them about any kind of problem. (I've worked with this kind of person before and it's a real nightmare, because you wind up not wanting to assign them any tasks because they act like it's just so onerous, and they wind up working less overtime than everyone else, but complaining more). So now the landlord wants to get in the house to get the old paint stashed in the closet, so I have to dispose of the dead bodies and the meth lab. God dammit.

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Thatcher Ulrich said...

Roku for Netflix & Amazon VOD is the bee's knees. It's like $100, small, no moving parts, super simple clean UI. Just sayin'.

We got tagged (our roof) last summer. "Noyz". Dumbass. Get off my roof!

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