02-27-11 - Web Shows

My picks :

The old classic is Clark and Michael . It gets a bit repetitive, but not bad.

Wainy Days is pretty great. The super fast paced insanity of it is hard to take at first, but once you watch a few you get into the groove. It's really like a sitcom for the web generation; everything is super compressed, all the unfunny talky bits in a normal sitcom are squeezed out, and any pretense of logical consistency is abandoned, but otherwsie it's standard sitcom fare. I've watched some other Wain products before and found them intolerable (eg. Wet Hot and The Ten are just awful), I think he's much better in 5 minute doses.

I really enjoyed Thumbs Up! . Thumbs up America!

In related news, I now watch Youtube with no comments, thanks to CommentSnob. This saves me from going into a spiral of despair about how fucking awful all of humanity is every time I visit Youtube.

The next step is blocking comments from just about everywhere. I found these but haven't tried them yet :

YouTube Comment Snob Add-ons for Firefox
Stylish Add-ons for Firefox
Steven Frank shutup.css
CommentBlocker - Google Chrome extension gallery

The ideal thing would be for all web pages to have their comments initially hidden, with a "show comments" button I can click.

I would also like an "ignore user" button that I can apply myself to web forums, comments, ebay sellers, etc. that will make it so I never have to see the web contribution from certain sources ever again.

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