11-09-10 - Recent Links

English Russia - ridiculous great photos
sahelsounds - nice African music blog, weird/anthropological
www.middleforkgiants.com - Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley used to be all logging land but is now an untapped wilderness, it's kind of fascinating to me
Why Japan finally got its foot off the brake The Japan Times Online - interesting, I only recently learned about the JDM 280 gentleman's agreement from watching Best Motoring
Syntopia � Blog Archive � Written Images - I adore Syntopia and everything that's coming out of "Generative Art" these days
Seattle RainWatch at UW , in particular I'm struck by the incredible rain-shadow at Sequim/Port Townsend (and to a lesser extent, the San Juans)
MIMIC-TPW - Pacific temperature map - you can often see the "Pineapple Express" shooting right at us on this map
Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith Book by Gina B. Nahai - Simon & Schuster - I really enjoy the Persian "Magical Realism" stuff, I'd like to find more.
Lighthouse Reef, Belize Albums Leisegang Liaisons Off Exploring - and the Blue Hole, wow. I spent a summer on Caye Caulker near there and didn't know this existed.
Jacek Yerka painter of the fantasy worlds - preview of the paintings - Video Game art needs to be more like this, or you know, pretty much anything interesting, unique, stimulating, whimsical
Incomprehensible Matlab Animations - self explanatory and awesome
Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields Eastern Washington State - interesting possibilities for exploring

SVM is one of those things you definitely don't want to write yourself. SVM-Light appears to be the winner at the moment for ease of use and good performance :

SVM-Light Support Vector Machine

Interesting story about the beginning of Facebook :
Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard The Truth Behind �The Social Network� - The Daily Beast
How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked ConnectU

Various good technical links :

Xin Li of WVU - lots of goodies
VideoProcessing UCSD Index of publications
To Imaging, and Beyond! Small survey of Objective Image Quality metrics
The home of PackJPG
The FreeImage Project
The Blog of Ben Rockwood ZFS Prefetch Cache
Sylvain Durand papers index - denoising etc good stuff
Suffix Trees - white page - great
Peter's Functions for Computer Vision - the Phase guy
Tianyi Zhou's Research Blog - compressed sensing, SVM, etc
Near-regular Texture Synthesis
Jesper Larsson's research - Suffix Trees
Gaussian Derivatives

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Tom Forsyth said...

"interesting, I only recently learned about the JDM 280 gentleman's agreement from watching Best Motoring"

It was pretty farcial. In the UK I had an R33 Skyline that still had the Japanese restrictor (they were all grey imports until the later R34). This had two effects. First, in gears 1,2,3 the waste gate would pop on the turbo to stop you producing more than 280hp. However it didn't do that in gears 4 and 5, so the trick to top acceleration was to change up from 3rd to 4th at about 3000rpm, which would normally be way too early for an engine that revs to 7k. Of course you could get it chipped and then they produced more like 350hp in all gears, I just never got around to doing that.

The new Nissan GT-R doesn't have a horsepower limiter, but in Japan it does still have the 120mph speed limiter. Apparently it turns itself off when the GPS sees you're on a track. I can confirm that the US version does not have that :-)

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