10-14-10 - Xbox 360 vs PS3

I was about to buy a 360, then I though hmm maybe I should consider a PS3 instead. To decide I made a list of games I'm interested in on each platform, which games are on both and which are exclusive. I came up with :

Both :
Assassin's Creed
Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls

Xbox360 :
Mass Effect

PS3 :
God of War

Hmm.. looks like there are actually more games for me on the PS3 than there are on the 360. In fact the 360 has only one exclusive game that I care about.

Generally the type of games I like just aren't made very much any more. I like "adventure" games or "light RPGs" , games that are mainly about wandering around exploring some big beautiful world, and not so much about fighting or puzzles or inventory management or any of that tedious crap.

It looks like I should get a PS3, not a 360. Did I miss something?


MaciejS said...

X360 - Fable, Alan Wake.
Then again, Mass Effect is supposed to be released for PS3 next year (or so).

James said...

I'd buy whichever has the controller you prefer.

James said...

the rumors are they both actively suppress 3rd party controllers with firmware updates.

Tom Forsyth said...

The 360 does tend to have better versions of most games - higher framerates, less pop-in etc. Even when people write for the PS3 then port to the 360 this happens (and doing it the other way is a disaster).

The Xbox Live stuff is light-years ahead of the Sony attempt. Maybe you say "oh I don't care about that", and I said that as well (especially as I never play any multiplayer games), but it actually is pretty interesting having that whole achievements and friends list integration.

I believes the new slimline 360 is also an awesome bit of silent teeny techno-lust, but I don't have one.

Plus, Kinect!

Though actually Dance Central does look pretty awesome.

Aaron said...

You drive a Porsche. Just buy both. 5 games costs as much as one console

Jeff Ward said...

I would take a look at the Arcade / PSN games available as well. Right now, 360 does a way better job of getting those games to you.

As as someone developing for PSN though, I have to say get a PS3 ;)

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