10-04-10 - Time Wasting

I can watch this rnickeymouse channel of motorcycles on "the snake" on Mullholland all day long. I wish he wouldn't spill the money shot right in the titles though, it would be more fun if you got to see the rider approaching and guess if he's gonna make it or not.

I love these MGdM music videos :
XC�NTRIC That's not entertainment on Vimeo
LOS PLANETAS Alegr�as del incendio on Vimeo
EL GUINCHO Bombay on Vimeo

I can't stop listening to the Whoa-B Dubstep Mix . I used to think I didn't like "Dubstep" because I'd only heard horrible party anthem shit like Rusko or overly noisy cacophonous shit like Gaslamp Killer, both of which I hate, but I like this deep smooth shit.

MIMIC-TPW nice animation of the pacific weather comming at Seattle.


Guy said...

If you like deep sounding dubstep, you should check out Burial (if you haven't already). Great late night coding music!

cbloom said...

Yeah, I love Burial, though I'm not quite sure how to classify it.

cbloom said...

UKF Mix is good too :


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