09-14-10 - Learnings

Sometimes you can only observe yourself by seeing things in others.

I'm watching a bit of the WSOP. My god it's such a stupid waste of time, there's no poker and the "characters" are just retards, but it does give me a certain type of "schadenfreude" - like pleasure : it gives me lots of opportunities too see other people and think "he sucks". It's the pleasure of judging and feeling superior to other people. The whole WSOP show is a parade of losers, and the fact that they are playing poker lets me sit their and judge their poker play and think "what a donkey" "I can't believe he made that play" "omg so bad I can't believe he didn't bet there" or "meh that play was okay but he could have made so much more by doing this". Blah blah blah. It's a very sleazy type of viewing pleasure.

Anyway, that's not the point. The thing that always strikes me on a personal level is when I see the smart, careful, analytical, well behaved, soft spoken guys. Your Alan Cunnignham, your Howard Lederer, your Erik Seidels. They're the only guys I actually respect and think they carry themselves well and might have something actually deep and interesting to say. And they are just boring as all hell. God get them off my TV they are a waste of space. If I had the choice to hang out with them, I would pass, because it would just be excruciating. That's something to learn from. But I probably won't.

I got another little lesson the other day listening to the Buzzing Fly show. Some retard had posted a comment on their web site chastizing Ben for taking a break from DJ'ing to have a bite to eat. Ben took a moment out of the radio show to respond and justify himself. Of course Ben was completely in the right. But by even responding to the troll, he lowered himself. That's something to learn from.

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