08-27-10 - Washington

The blackberries on Mercer Island are ripe now; you can smell the sweet heavy musk of them as you ride by. I love to stop and have a bite on my ride.

All the nu-fred yuppie trainees are pretty annoying. I have to remember to just ignore them. I could list all the dumb assholish things they do (tailing me too close, slamming on the brakes when I'm right behind them, running stop signs, etc.) , but it's the same thing drivers do, it's the same thing everyone does. They're all fucking assholes and retards, I can't let that get me down too much. One good move I've picked up lately in both my riding and driving is just to pull over and stop. Some fucking dick is riding my ass for no reason and annoying me. In my youth I would've just grit my teeth, or yelled at him, or something. Now I just pull over and stop for a while and let him get away from me, and go back to enjoying myself without them.

The mountains are covered in blankets of huckleberries now. I've written about them before . Now's the time! I think the easiest way to get to them is off Steven's Pass. You can actually just go to the ski resort and then hike south to Josephine Lake, which eliminates a lot of hill climbing, and you get into prime berry territory. They have such a bright, unique flavor. There's like notes of apricot or something; they kind of remind me of the flavor of "now n' laters" that has that tanginess.

Summer is almost over. This has been one of the worst summers of my life. I don't mean that bad things have happened, I mean the summer itself was shit. Normally I go inside through the winter, get fat and drink and get depressed, then the sun comes out and I go outdoors and run around naked and be free and get fit and happy. This year, summer didn't start until July 5 (I remember it well because July 4 was still rainy and gray). Now it appears to be fading away into fall already, and it was MIA through most of July. And I worked way too much through almost all of it. I never really got into "summer mode" at all, never got fit, never got that feeling of being free and running around. The closest was when we had that brief heat wave.

I do love heat waves here. It just gives you no choice but to get down to the lake and have a swim. Everyone cool who loves life is hanging out by the water, and it's just a grand old time. The water is very cold, but it's invigorating and perfect on a 90+ day. The life guards love to yell at me, and the samoans dive on top of each other, and the russian mobster-wannabes cruise around Kirklans.

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