08-27-10 - Jesus you Google Spam guys need to get your heads out of your asses

Blogger in all its wisdom has recently been marking some of your comments as Spam.

In all its user friendliness, it doesn't give me any notification of this. In fact, it CC's the comment to my email just like normal, but doesn't mark it in any way as being spam-filtered.

Because of this the comments can sit for a long time in the Blogger Spam pot until I realize "WTF why is that not showing up" and go fix it.

So if you posted something, but don't see it, that's probably why. You can just email me and say "WTF where's my comment".

It's pretty awesome that it thinks technical posts which have absolutely no spam-like properties at all are spam, but the small handful of times I actually have gotten spam comments they have been completely obvious, and allowed right through.

This is why I fucking hate web software. I had things working decently, it was fine, and then they fucking push some new feature on me that I'm not allowed to opt out of and it fucks up my life. God damn you.

I'm sure that someday they will break the Blogger API that I am using to autopost here, and when that happens I might just retire.

The really offensive thing is getting changes pushed on you that you didn't ask for. Then everybody asks "can we please have it the old way, I liked it just fine" and they tell you "no, eat your broccoli, this way is better". We got the same thing with Win 7 and Vista where random shit is changed and people are like "please just an option to have the old way" and they say "this way is better, you're not allowed to have the old way". Fuck you, you're not my mom. I'll make my own damn decisions about what's better for me or not. It pisses me off that this has become standard practice in software.

Basically being a fucking dick is now a carefully studied science. They call it "controlling the user experience" or "locking in eyeballs" or "tying together products" or "promoting certain user stories" or "rapid upgrade encouragement". It's fucking manipulation and it's not fucking cbloom endorsed.

In related news, the volume of spam coming to my email address has recently exploded. The Gmail spam filter is very unreliable, so I've made a point of going and examining all the spam periodically, but that's not really possible now that I'm getting 500 spams a day (up from 50-100 a week ago).

So if you send me an email and I don't reply when you think I should have, it's possible it got spam-marked.

It would be so fucking easy for gmail to fix this properly if they cared. For one thing, you could show me the spam probability in the spam folder, and let me sort by it, so I can just manually look at the ones you weren't sure about. You could also whitelist people I know. You could send back captcha challenges when someone's mail gets marked as spam so they at least know it.

Hell there are a million trivial solutions, it's not like it's a hard problem.

Maybe I'll write my own spam filter one day.


Gilles said...
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Gilles said...

This no opt-out policy boiles my blood too. I just wanna kick in the teeth of the manager who came up with the google homepage fade, the new youtube autoplay, and the weekly youtube ui overhaul drives me crazy. Thank god there is ffox and I can remove every "new feature" with extensions. Google lost it big time.

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cbloom said...

LOL. Awesome.

newt0311 said...

Re: writing a spam filter.

Don't bother, CRM114 is very good.

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