08-25-10 - Disturbance

I'm very sensitive to disturbances when I work. I like absolute peace. I have trouble working even in the office at RAD, and I have my own very nice office with windows and fresh air and a door I can close, but it still badly hurts my productivity.

Part of it is just little bits of noise around. I've always had a bad case of the "prairie dog" prey instinct - whenever I hear a noise I have to stop and look around "what's that? what's that?" , I get all jittery and nervous. But even beyond that - when I'm at the office at odd times when there's nobody directly near me, I'm still affected. Just knowing that someone is in the same building as me bugs me. I can't relax, my butthole is all tight and I just can't get into the groove and dive into the code.

Working at home is often good, and N is very understanding about me needing to go in my room and be left alone, but still I feel the craving for more. Mainly it's the damn home improvers that plague me now. The worst thing is not knowing when it's going to happen. Getting my mind into a real sharp work state takes a lot of effort and forethought. It's sort of like a performer getting ready to be "on" for the camera - you have to psyche yourself up, make sure you're hydrated and have proper blood sugar, then the stage lights go on and I sit down at my DevStudio to shine ... and then the fucking neighbor starts running his roto-tiller or some shit and my performance is cancelled.

As I get older I realize that the artist's studio in the country is really the ideal setup. Of course we've always hurt about these artists who have a country home, and then an outbuilding that they turn into studio, so you can just retreat into your private space and be alone to work. I always thought "what an indulgence" or "what sensitive woosies" , but yeah, that would be sweet.


Thatcher Ulrich said...

Famous Man Rooms: http://artofmanliness.com/2010/07/27/famous-man-caves/

Nino Mojo said...

Death to the home improvers. And to anyone who eats anything from a plastic wrapping at the movies.

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