08-23-10 - Oh god dammit

1. BLAH I want to skip the DVD menu so bad. The worst ones are when it forces me to watch the same sequence THREE TIMES. They put some shit unskippable before the menu, then they use it on loop as the background for the menu, and then again after I hit play. WTF WTF.

2. When I call AAA it gives me fucking California because my phone is from CA. Seriously? People don't have cell phone numbers from other states? I get to wait on hold for five minutes, then request WA, then wait again.

3. Fucking grocery store near my house is phasing out human checkers for these fucking automated machines. In theory that's a nice idea, but in practice the things are so fucking broken that they are instant boiling blood and CHARLES SMASH rage attack. They just constantly freak out and go into "please return the item to the bagging area" ; god dammit I already put the item in the bagging area you fucking turd.

4. Fucking ticket I got for going 86 on a 65 mph freeway is costing me $1500 a year in raised insurance rate. Unbelievable. I understand it's a random tax and so on, which I'm sort of fine with, but the collusion with the insurance industry is criminal (Geico buys laser guns for police departments, car insurers pay lobbyists to support speed cameras, etc.). It'll be on my record for at least three years, so total cost to me is around $5000 , total profit for the municipality is maybe $100.

5. On the other hand, fuck you for crowing about red light cams being dismissed . When you run a red light, the camera should immediately fire a predator missile and blow up your car, you fucking dangerous self-righteous cock. I see a lot of people these days with photo-blocking plates on their cars too. You fucking shit head, if you run red lights you deserve punishment.

6. I got another fraudulent withdrawal from my First Mutual account from the EXACT SAME fraudulent merchant. I put in yet another fraud report, and I asked them WTF why didn't they block it since I had already reported fraud the last time. They said they won't block future withdrawals unless I do a $20 "stop payment" request. WTF WTF, I have to pay you to stop people from just withdrawing money from my account any time I want? I also asked about how these ACH's are authorized. They told me anybody with a merchant account can ACH withdraw from anybody else whenever they want. WTF WTF. I have to fill out a hundred forms and sign a bunch of shit and fax it and all that bullshit if I want to do an ACH from my *OWN* account, but other fuckers can just ACH any time they want straight out of my money without my permission.

7. The United States now has an overt policy of assassinating anyone they want in non-warzones without any judicial oversight or even the slightest proof of guilt necessary. Holy shit, at least in the past the CIA was secretive about their assassinations because they knew they were doing something wrong. Now we just blow up people. I also think the idea that we should care whether or not these assassinations are of American citizens or not is disgusting. They're human beings in a non-warzone with no proof of guilt and plenty of collateral damage. We all should be outraged, but we're so fucking whipped that we don't even blink any more.


Aaron said...

The very first thing I do when I get a dvd home is pop it in the PC and rip just the movie to the drive with http://www.dvdfab.com/ (don't buy anything, the trial/free part of it works fine). It takes less time to do that than to skip the menus.

If it makes you feel guilty doing that, just delete the file from your PC after you return the disk to netflix/scarecrow.

Tom said...

$1500/yr... extra! Is this just because of the car you drive, or is that par for the course?

I used to have a speeding offence on my licence (UK) and it added about 10% to my premium. Seemed to be about the same when I was checking insurance rates for a Jaguar XJR too so it's not just because I drive a diesel-powered POS.

cbloom said...

"$1500/yr... extra! Is this just because of the car you drive, or is that par for the course?"

I think the additional amount is independent of the car.

cbloom said...

It's definitely a scam; there's no way the increased insurance amount is actually proportional to their expected increased payout. And you can't really just abstain from getting insurance, since it's legally required (there is a way around this but it's a big pain in the butt). And even if you did, then you expose yourself to the scam of "damages" if you happen to have an accident.

brian said...

You already take your deferral? I just deferred my 45-in-a-30 ticket for $200 and since my driving record is clean (which is a fucking magical mystery in itself) the judge gave me 6 months, so assuming I drive slow for 6 months it vanishes. Not so bad.

Though you got one for accelerating onto the highway a while ago, right? So maybe you've used it up. You get like one deferral every 7 years.

cbloom said...

Tickets in WA disappear no problemo, that wasn't even a deferral for my proper merging onto a highway, the ticket is just gone. Tickets in rural OR are hard to make disappear.

It's possible/probable that if I showed up in person and begged that I would have gotten a deferral.

I also could have done driving school, but again I have to go in person back to rural OR and it's a full day course.

Clearly worth it if you count the dollars though.

Action Man (the greatest hero of them all) said...

Good times :)

Fucking ticket I got for going 86 on a 65 mph freeway ... It'll be on my record for at least three years ... you fucking dangerous self-righteous cock ... You fucking shit head ... you deserve punishment...

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