07-12-10 - My Nifty P4

What's new in MyNifty :

    no stall for down networks
    catch lots more cases that need to do checkouts (especially for the vcproj)
    don't check files for being read-only before trying p4 edit (lets you fix mistakes)
    don't check files for being in project before doing p4 edit (lets you edit source controlled files not in your project)

The result should be that using VC with MyNifty, you basically don't even know that your files are in source control - everything should just autocheckout at the right time.

Go get the original NiftyPlugins at Code.Google and do the install.

Then download MyNifty.zip

Extract MyNifty.zip into the dir where the NiftyP4 DLL is installed. It should be something like :

    C:\Documents and Settings\charlesb\Application Data\Microsoft\MSEnvShared\Addins\

(you may want to save copies of the originals).

Run VC.

Tools -> Addin Manager
NiftyPerforce : enable & startup

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Documents
"Allow Editing of Read only files " = yes !

Output pane should have a "NiftyPerforce" option; you should see a message there like "NiftyPerforce ( Info): MyNiftyP4! RELEASE"

Nifty should be set to : useSystemEnv = True, autoCheckoutOnEdit = false, autoCheckout on everything else = true. I recommend autoAdd and autoDelete = false.

Make sure your P4 ENV settings are done, or use P4CONFIG files.

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