06-19-10 - Verio spam filters outgoing mail

Verio, the host for cbloom.com , filters your outgoing emails through some spam filter and rejects them. You, the paying customer have no control over this, you cannot disable it or add whitelists or anything. In its wisdom it decides that emails like this are spam :

Brownies have been placed in the kitchen.  Make them vanish, please.

After much emailing with Verio tech support I get these copy-paste responses :

Outbound spam filters 

We apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced with this issue.

In response to your concern. The outgoing mails might have some contents that is not allowed by your filters.

and when I ask if there's any way to disable or get around it :

Outbound spam filters 

I am sorry but no. There is no way to whitelist outgoing messages, we have no support for getting around our internal, outgoing spam filters

This is obviously retarded. Either you're a spammer or you're not. Spammers should have their accounts banned and the rest of us should be allowed to send fucking email. If you are considering getting an account with Verio, don't. (their prices are also terrible by modern standards).


Aaron said...

dreamhost.com is the bomb. There's always some absurd special going on, and you can pay a tiny bit more to get dedicated hosting. They just kinda silently upgraded me to unlimited bandwidth and storage a while ago. SSH and all that goodness.

They're pretty transparent with their downtime and issues as well.

Jim said...

Super Dimension Fortress: sdf.org

These guys are cool, they offer free shell accounts to the public, plus paid hosting at pretty much whatever level you want.


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