06-19-10 - Gmail doesn't let you send mails to yourself

I always CC myself when I write an email that I think is interesting (especially with my multiple email personalities, I often CC from one to another). I've been confounded for a while that when I use gmail, it seems to not deliver the emails to myself. Not only that, but it gives no error message or delivery failure or anything, it just silently doesn't send them.

See here for more people complaining.


Cat said...

Do you have a period in your username? I used to be unable to send mail to my.name@gmail.com, but myname@gmail.com worked. I signed up with myname, not my.name.

Ben Garney said...

I believe some of their logic works off of "are the addresses the same." I just send to myaddress+self@gmail.com and it then works as I expect. This works great for reminders, maybe not so much for other kinds of forwarding.

cbloom said...




Reg said...

That's interesting, I didn't know that. But that's just another FAIL of this e-mail account, next to inability to send EXE files, even inside ZIP archives. Gmail just sucks and I can't understandard why so many people use this free e-mail provider while there are so many more and better ones.

cbloom said...

I actually use POP Eudora, but I bounce all my email through gmail because they have the best free spam filter (*).

(* though it completely broke for a few weeks there and gave me tons of false positives, so now I habitually go and read my spam folder every day, sigh).

Jon Olick said...

I do this all the time, are you sure?

cbloom said...

Yeah I'm sure, see links!

There is actually a work-around that I discovered in one of those links. If you add your own address as a filter in the settings, it avoids the duplicate elimination. So for example you can add a filter to transfer any mail from yourself to Inbox (or just to be not spam), and then it works.

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