06-15-10 - Neighbors

I'm really fucking sick of having neighbors. I hate when one neighbor smokes next door and the smell comes in my window. I hate when their dog yaps. I hate when they run the lawn-mower or leaf blower. I hate the fucking hippy hypocrites who give me the passive-aggressive cold shoulder. I hate the constant home renovation cock munchers who like to hammer a little bit each day.

I really don't like interacting with human beings very much. I wish I could have sanctuary where I was alone in my own environment with no fucking headaches and annoyances from outside forces.

Sometimes I think about moving out to the country so I can get a bunch of land and not have to see any neighbors, but my god country people are fucking unbearable. I don't mind the fact that they have very simple tastes - cheap beer, country music, muscle cars - but they're just rotten human beings, they are not generous of spirit and wide of mind. They give you dirty looks if you're an outsider; if you tell them their joke about date rape is offensive they say "what are you a fag or somethin?". They're the worst. Yes I'm talking about you Pomeroy.

Of course the are the country towns that have been colonized by retirees or "artists", liberal types from the city who now run a bead boutique and give dirty passive aggressive looks to anyone who hasn't made their house "quaint" enough. They're almost as bad as the real country folk.

N and I took a trip out to Eastern WA over the weekend and saw many striking and beautiful things. It gets bloody well hot and dry out there so I think it was just about the last chance to do it in comfort, so I'm glad we did. Probably best to go out there in May, which is their spring. We still got a lot of fresh spring greenery and a lot of wild flowers, but I do think we were a week or two late. We have an amazing knack of finding surprising off-the-map beautiful things together, it's almost magical, like we will suddenly decide to take some side road that we hadn't noticed before and sudden we are in a strange different world of purple flowers and intense wind and rippling alfalfa.

I really despise commuting. For a while there the novelty of the new car made it okay again, but it's back to being just awful. The past few weeks I've been working mainly from home because I had a nice productive spurt and just wanted to go with it and knock out some code. Commuting just puts me in such a foul mood that I lose hours of productivity afterward before I can simmer down and think again, and then when I come home it sets me off again, such that when I get home N usually asks "what's wrong with you?" , oh I just fucking hate everyone and I'm really depressed about how fucking shitty humanity is because I had to drive with them, that's all.

I just don't know if I can function in this world. Sometimes I think about buying a house and having a stable job and a family and all that, but that life involves working regular hours and commuting and shit like that and I just don't think I can do it.


David said...

The nice thing about having an ankle-biter is that you don't have time to think about all the shit that sucks. Seems like the older I get the days become longer and the years become shorter.

cbloom said...

"The nice thing about having an ankle-biter is that you don't have time to think about all the shit that sucks."

Yeah, having something to occupy you is good. Humans don't function well with free time. The problem with having a child is then you have to have a job, like forever.

Marina said...

I'd like to see you reach some level of zen acceptance where you just acknowledge that there are idiots in the world and live your life ignoring them as opposed to being grated by them. The stress can't be good for you, man.

Tom Forsyth said...

> I'm really fucking sick of having neighbors.
> I really despise commuting.

You could just move to the eastside and have an actual house AND also be only 15 minutes from work. I don't mean Eastern Washington with the desert-dwelling gun crazies, I just mean east of the small pond you cross twice a day. The white picket fence and 2.4 kids can be waived by filling out the appropriate forms.

You can always visit the inner-city slums and authentic ghetto culture of Seattle if you want to keep it real with your homies - the parking is very affordable at the weekends.

Aaron said...

Neighbors: There are a lot of different types of houses in the city. You need one with more yard around you, and to not live in the neighborhood that you do. Seattle has a lot of different neighborhoods.

Commuting: That's a pretty straightforward trade-off. Why don't you just telecommute every day. Do you really need to be in the office for any of the work you're doing? Maybe Seattle has one of those offices downtown that's just for a bunch of telecommuters. So you can 'go to the office' without commuting the bridge. As of two days ago school is out, so traffic should be lighter for the summer. Unfortunately, the 45 st viaduct is under construction all summer, so that could cancel out the benefits.

Re: family -- you have to work for the rest of your life to live the way you want anyway... I don't think having a kid would changet that that much. Having a kid is more like losing nearly all your free time at home. Home coding? Pshh, not. On the other hand, a kid at home is more fun than coding at home in a most ways, so it can be a win depending on your personality :)

Aaron said...

Kids OTOH: a screaming child that WILL NOT SLEEP is at least an order of magnitude more annoying that a bad commute.

cbloom said...

" Neighbors: There are a lot of different types of houses in the city. You need one with more yard around you, and to not live in the neighborhood that you do. Seattle has a lot of different neighborhoods. "

.. yeah but I really like walking and biking to store/restaurants/etc. I hate suburban car culture. Walking to Trader Joes every day is one of the highlights. And walking to cafes, parks, etc. on the weekend is what I consider real living.

Plus I'm not convinced that sightly more yard would make much difference. Ten more feet on each side of my house would not really change anything when the neighbor runs a chain saw.

SLO house was pretty great because I couldn't actually see any neighbors, which means I can block them out of my mind, which lets me relax. I hate the fact that they take up mental space. Just their very existence is a distraction and annoyance.

Aaron said...

Yeh though you couldn't walk to 'anything' from your SLO house :)

It's definitely more the quality of the neighbors than the space to them, though there really is some serious falloff with distance and landscaping. Do you have a dog that barks once ever 1-5 minutes day in and day out? That's the worst. I'm convinced you could find a place that had a set of neighbors and distance to them that would not bug you so much. But from what I've heard, probably not in that part of town.

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