05-28-10 - Foolishness

Many of the food blog snobistas descend into this foolishness of making everything at home when some things are just not a wise use of time. I mean I'm sure these homemade chicharrones are delicious and all, but fuck that's a lot of work when you could just walk over to the local Mexicatessen and buy a big bag that was also freshly fried in their house-made lard. And while you're there buy some carnitas and tortillas too and have a much better meal for cheaper and less work.

It's real foolishness when people say things like climbing is not a hard workout . I just have to roll my eyes pretty much anytime anybody talks about exercise because you just all don't get it. *Anything* is a workout if you make it a workout. There's no inherent difficulty level of any activity, it depends how hard you do it. You hear retards all the time saying "yoga's not a hard workout" , well maybe if you do it like a moron it's not, use some more intensity, make it more difficult for yourself if you need more work. I've heard plenty of people tell me "biking's not a hard enough workout". Oh really? Go faster, dumbass, or maybe try going up some hills.

My anger at the drivers around here grows and grows until it hits a boiling point where I just become depressed about how fucking stupid and selfish you all are. It really is amazing to me that people here constantly blow through yellows, roll through stop signs, and yet take forever to get moving when a light turns green and are busy-bodies about my speed (my speed which is almost always less than that of the SUV that's screeching around the corner at 90% of its limit so it would be unable to make a quick correction if anything surprising happened). What a boring topic, I apologize. At least in places like LA people are more consistently aggressive assholes; it's less hypocritical.

I've been working at home recently and it's been a great boost of productivity for me. It's so good to not have to worry about when I'm going to try to make the commute to avoid traffic, and it's awesome to be able to go directly from morning coffee to coding, which is the most productive instant of the day for me. There are two problems : 1. I got a nice standing desk all set up at work and I miss having it at home, I'm hurting my body spending too much time in a chair. 2. it's a little hard because N is also home many days, and there's a bit of difficult tension when I have to say "leave me alone I'm working".

I really don't like the way the financial meltdown narrative has been crafted by the media. One of the false narratives is the "black swan" story - that everything was being done with mathematical models and that it was a very unlikely but high impact event that was not accounted for in the models that caused the crisis. The other false narrative is that it was evil investment bankers at Goldman or similar that somehow caused it all. The reality is it was caused by ignorance and greed and corruption at almost every level of society. From presidents and congress who stripped regulation from the finance and mortgage industry, to the Fed keeping rates way too low and not monitoring banks well, to Fannie Mae et.al. underwriting too many loans, to Countrywide et.al. intentionally issuing loans they knew were bad to make more profit, to Goldman et.al. for packaging loans they knew were bad and selling them as safer than they really were, to the ratings agencies asleep at the wheel, to individual real estate investors getting in way over their heads trying to make an easy buck, etc. etc.


Tom Forsyth said...

It is true that there are plenty of activities that, while they stress skeletal muscles, do not stress the cardio system. It's pretty difficult to keep your heart-rate consistently high while climbing.

Of course climbing is a decent workout - just not for your CV system. That's usually what people mean, but they're never specific. It usually comes from people who view the only point of exercise as being to lose weight and fit in their favourite pair of jeans, instead of the myriad other reasons to exercise. I usually ignore those people.

Jon Olick said...

hisstory is his story.

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