05-23-10 - Two Windows Woes

Slow net. My god WTF is wrong with Windows networking. (I don't mean the TCP/IP stack, I mean shared computer browsing). What the fuck is wrong with networking in general? Why are there such massive stalls? I mean for browsing my local network, how in the world can it take so fucking long to discover the machines on my fucking LAN !? And if a machine is not there, can't you just fail in like a millisecond !? I mean a fucking millisecond is FOREVER to send a packet of light out on some wires and get a reply back.

I do have one major practical problem with Windows slow networking : my file copy and dir listing routines are ungodly slow across the net. I know this can be done faster. TeraCopy for example is pretty fast, I would love to know what they are doing. The super brute force solution would be to just run my own file system client/server and send packets to my own port. For example if I want to get a dir listing, I just send one packet saying "list this dir" and the listener on the other side does it locally and then sends me back one big packet with the full dir listing. I could run that on TCP/IP and it would be like instant. So how do I get speed like that over proper Windows networking? Or maybe that is the way to go and I could just remote-run my listener app on any machine I want to talk to?

Kill stuck apps. WTF I know you are capable of killing stuck apps, because if I use my own "killproc" app I can kill them cleanly (or another nice way is to attach the debugger to the app and then kill it from there). But sometimes even fucking Task Manager refuses to kill it, and why can't I just kill it from the fucking X box. Okay maybe not the X box because that's just a GUI widget on the app, but let me fucking right-click in the non responding Window and say "yes really fucking kill the fuck out of this piece of shit app".

I might have to write my own app that uses IsHungAppWindow and then hard-kills whatever is not responding. I could put it on a hot key and it would save my bacon when the fucking Task Manager won't run (my god why is Task Manager still just a fucking app like everything else, which means that it can't always get enough CPU or screen display rights; there should be a machine monitor in the ctrl-alt-del screen that is always accessible).


Kevin Gadd said...

I usually leave procexp running in the tray at all times, so that I don't have to wait for it to start when I want to kill something (I can just restore it by hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL).

Sam said...

Totally unrelated, but Kevin Gadd - any relation to drummer Steve Gadd? :)

cbloom said...

"I usually leave procexp running in the tray at all times, so that I don't have to wait for it to start when I want to kill something (I can just restore it by hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL)."

Yeah I've done that at times, but it doesn't actually solve anything but procexp is still just an app. The task killer should be built into the protected interrupt level that runs the ctrl-alt-del screen.

Thatcher Ulrich said...

I also leave procexp running because I like to see the process tree especially when killing some python tool that spawns a big tree of junk but agree it doesn't always cut the mustard. Also why does procexp start up so slowly?

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