05-23-10 - Misc

I went driving at Pacific Raceways with the Porsche DE ("Driver's Education" , which is the euphemism they use to make it sound safe, it's actually run your fucking suped-up old 911 around a race track at insane speeds and occasionally spin out and toss it into the bushes). Maybe I will write up some more details on it, but it was a fucking blast, the car was *amazing*, I was exhausted, I used about a year's worth of tires and brakes. I highly recommend it.

It is kind of funny to me how people take something that is pure hooliganism and laughs and adrenaline (driving cars fast) and have to turn it into something they can be anal about and practice and study and be "right" about have "the way to do things". It always happens, I mean wine and food and such are the same way, the people who really love something become way too obsessive about it and make it way too analytical and lose focus on the simple joy of it.

Coding for RAD is kind of fucking me up. I have lots of bits of good code that I know I've written but I don't know where they are anymore. For example I know I wrote a bunch of careful stuff to try to sleep to framerate well but I can't find it anymore. Is it in my cblib stuff, or is it in my RAD/Oodle stuff, or is it in my RAD/shared stuff? Urg.

Dell lappy is pretty great. I dropped it and slightly dented the case. Metal cases feel awesome and give that impression of "quality" but in fact plastic is a pretty fucking amazing material to make things out of. Plastic does not get hot, it's super lightweight, it's very tough, and it has this amazing property that it can take an impact, deform, and then return to its original shape. (same goes for car interiors of course).

Part of the problem with plastic car exteriors was that the paints weren't good enough. That's no longer true, there are new amazing paints that can make plastic cars look like metal.

Top Chef Masters is pretty good, way better than the first season of TCM, though fucking Kelly Choi is a real drag (even worse than Padma; at least Padma actually hot, and it's amusing when she's stoned off her ass and says everything is delicious, whereas Kelly is freakish looking with her stick body and giant head, and makes that weird forced-smile face all the time; they both share the inability to just read a freaking cue card smoothly). (it's a real pet peeve of mine when people think that someone is hot just for being thin; thinness is correlated to hotness, but it is not causal!). (and of course anybody who's on TV at all will have a million weirdos who insist she's super hot).

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