04-06-10 - Poker

Psychological mistakes that even advanced players make in poker :

I need to change up / I'm too obvious. People think they can't keep doing a move because it's too obvious. Some TAG keeps raising, people keep reraising him, and he keeps folding to reraises. So he raises, it's your chance to reraise, you think "oh, I better not, it's too obvious". No! It keeps working, assume it will keep working until you get evidence otherwise.

One psychological case of this mistake is actually "pity". Sometimes you subconsciously pity an opponent. Some doofus is getting completely run over by bluffs and aggression. It comes your turn to play a hand with the fish, and you think "oh everyone is bluffing him, I better not, it's too obvious". In reality what you are doing is subconsciously pitying him and going easy on him.

Over-credit. A classic and common huge mistake is giving people too much credit. Never assume that they are making a smart decision. Say you raise in a spot where you know that you always have a good hand. For example, maybe you correctly play very tight out of position. So you raise OOP and someone reraises you. You think : "he knows I am playing very tight OOP and yet he reraised me anyway - therefore he must have a really good hand". No! You are giving too much credit.

Long time readers may recall the ridiculous list of care instructions that my landlord gave me on moving in. Well, the inevitable result of that has happened : I no longer pay attention to any of those requests. If they had given me a short reasonable list, I would have tried to abide by it, because I am very (overly) considerate, but when the request is just ridiculous and way too much, you wind up just saying fuck it.

I was reminded of it when watching the Louis Theroux special about Fresno ("Meth Town"). He's hanging out with some family and people are doing meth and Louis does his fucking asshole douchebag condescending thing that he does and takes the dad aside and is like "aren't you concerned about the kids being around this?". And the guy is just like "WTF?" Like, if you grow up where people are beating and killing each other and abusing kids and people are hungry and poor, your fucking middle class condescension about not showing the kids drug use is rather out of place.

The general concept applies to all laws, the idea that being too strict about a host of stupid laws actually makes people pay less attention to the important ones. When police are busting people in the ghetto all the time over stupid minor infractions, it makes them just generally think laws are stupid.

I see the same thing with the programmer-artist relationship in video games. Often the coders will make a set of directives about what good art should be like (no T-joints, clean manifolds, uv mapping with as little stretch and shear as possible, no reflections in uv mapping, etc. etc.) and it's just too much, it's unreasonable, and the artists just wind up ignoring it all. It's much better to make a minimal list of things that absolutely must be followed and enforce it strictly.

The Aura ("El Aura") was disappointing. I think it starts off really beautifully, the mood and camera work and all the stillness and portent is wonderful. The weirdness of the epileptic "aura" is interesting and you start to think this is going to be cool. But then it all just devolves into typical typical "Heist gone wrong". I'm so sick of fucking "heist gone wrong" flicks. There's always like an extra guard they forgot about, or an extra alarm switch, and then the robbers start freaking out, and someone gets shot. Blah blah blah.

I'm watching a bit of Peep Show again with N as she hasn't seen it before. It's really damn good, but it also makes me think : my god I am so sick of all this TV about people who just suck so bad. They are so negative and self-defeating and they don't support each other and it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don't want to be like that, I don't want to be around other people who are like that, and I don't really even want to see it. It brings you down, it makes you feel like that is what normal behavior is. It's much better to surround yourself with people who are living well and being good to each other and being dynamic and positive and kind and intelligent and creative and so on.

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MH said...

This overlaw-law crops ups up everywhere.

In chemistry, they have material safety sheets. Unfortunately, most chemicals are dangerous to some degree, so every one is "OMG this will kill you". Unfortunately, there are a few materials that are truly OMG this will kill you (Dimethylmercury), so all the other warnings are too noisy.

Ive found that when I have too much to worry about, I stop worrying about anything. Oddly, when I reach this state, I feel calm and can focus on whats truly important. I hit this stage when we were making Munch. There was way too many things to do to for launch. I do worst when I believe I have time to finish everything.

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