03-20-10 - Offenses

If you're releasing a fucking sample mp3 track from your album, name it "artist - title.mp3" , don't fucking name it "02.mp3" you fucking tardball musicians. I guess a lot of people aren't even aware of the actual name of their music files any more because they use fucking iTunes or some shit that isn't file based. Fucking iTunes not only fucks me up if I try to use it, but even when I don't use it it fucks me up.

Google Maps print display needs more white background. The colors should only be for outlines and road, not the big colored fields they use for things like parks, water, and city blocks. I think they have single handedly made $100 M or so for HP.

When you're going straight on a road that has two lanes in each direction and you come to a red light and you are the first car there - get in the fucking left lane. I am constantly confounded by coming up to red lights where I want to turn right and some solitary cocksucker is sitting there in the right lane blocking me. Similarly if you come up to a red light on a one lane road that has a bit of space, shade to the left a bit so that people have room to turn right around you. This is just being considerate, that is, thinking about how your actions affect others. All the so-called "nice" people rarely give much thought to being actually considerate. Speaking of which :

When I go biking, obviously the worst people are the ones who try to run in to you, or throw bottles at you, or honk at you to scare you, but those are pretty rare. Far more common is the "nice" fuckers who get it all wrong. Maybe the most annoying of all are the people who wave at you to go when it's their turn. I'll come up to a stop sign, and I come to a complete stop because there's a car already there in the perpendicular direction. The best thing the car could do is just fucking go quickly when it's their turn, that way I can go behind them smoothly. Instead they just don't fucking go, I look straight at them like "WTF?" and they wave at me to go. Fuck you you fucking stupid wanker, go when it's your turn. (the most extreme variation of this is people who do not even have a stop sign, I'm stopped with my foot down at a perpendicular stop sign and they come to a stop for me to go; you fucking retard, just go so I can go behind you). A similar stupid "nice" person move is the fucking perpetual hover; they want to pass but don't want to cut too close to you, so they just drive right behind you for like a mile. That's really fucking annoying because I have to be super aware of them all the time to protect myself, just make your fucking pass; usually these people are the retards who refuse to cross the yellow line ever.

People who do their own major home improvement projects are fucking cockmunchers. This old guy that lives next to us is doing a total rebuild of his house. Bang bang bang every day. I think he's been doing it for three years or so; certainly in the 6 months that I've lived here he's made no apparent progress. I think he puts up one board each day. Hire some fucking people and get it finished. Or you should have to pay your neighbors $100 a day for each day that you do construction on your house.

Carry some fucking cash people. If you don't have cash and there's a long line for some cheap service - get the fuck out of line and go home. No you don't get to buy a magazine with your credit card while we all stand in line behind you and tap our feet. And don't blame the fucking convenience store or movie theater for having a slow Visa network connection - you know perfectly well that a lot of places have slow card machines, that's why you carry some fucking cash. It takes two minutes to grab some cash at an ATM, and then you have it for weeks. It saves *you* time, and it's considerate. Oh and when you do go to the ATM, get at least $200. What are you a fucking child that can't carry cash because it makes you spend it too fast? It's also fucking retarded all these people who carry mace and flashlights and leathermen so they are "ready for an emergency" but don't carry cash; cash is the #1 most important survival tool.

Why the fuck are you people on cell phones all the time? Drivers, pedestrians, people in stores, I see them all the time just going through life seemingly constantly with a cell phone next to their head. What the fuck are you talking about? I'm way more interesting than you and I don't have anything to say, I just can't imagine what these people are blabbering on about all day every day.

Don't fucking speed in residential neighborhoods you cocks. Any time there is anything blocking your vision, such as parked cars, you should assume there is a child right behind it who might jump out in front of you. You should only speed in areas with clear visibility or where you are reasonably certain noone is going to jump out (eg. on freeways there are concrete pillars for overpasses that obscure vision, but I'm pretty sure noone is behind them). There's another Porsche in my neighborhood who goes ripping down the narrow streets here and it pisses me off especially because of the association with me. There are also a lot of intersections around here in the residential back streets that have no signage at all - no stop sign or anything, just a 4 way intersection. People go blazing through these intersections which is just so ridiculously stupid.

There are many fucking annoyances with C that I have written about previously. Most of my major annoyances are with the fact that it does not provide you mechanisms to protect yourself as a coder (for example writing "overload" next to a virtual function to make sure it overloads something, which protects you from changing the signature in the parent and not doing the same change to all children). One bug I frequently contend with is accidentally using the same variable name in an inner scope. eg. I have some global named "foo" and then I make an "int foo" inside a function, and then get confused about which one I'm dealing with. I wish I could make that a warning, and have a keyword, maybe reuse "overload" to indicate when I want to do it intentionally.


Autodidactic Asphyxiation said...

If you use GCC, you might be able to use plugins to enforce things like "overload" (I think you really mean override in the first example, but that's a nit) based on annotations:


I think they have something that is like "final" which means "never override."

billyzelsnack said...

I live on an isthmus and last year the city tore up the main route. That meant a shit ton of people taking my street to get around it. I'm out with my kids many hours a day and after awhile the constant speeding got to me. I started staring down people and yelling at the assholes. Most of the time the people would slow down, sometimes they'd wait until they drove by and flip me off or rev their engine. When they did that I'd walk into the street and do the tough frat boy chest pounding bring-it gesture. One time a dude in a fancy BMW turned around and parked and got a baseball bat out of his trunk. I'm not sure why he just looked at me from across the street and then got back in the car and kept going. Maybe it was the fact that I had the garden hose out and was spraying the lawn. Maybe it was that he saw my kids out. Maybe it was that my neighbors German shepard had just walked up to me.

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