02-27-10 - Good Products

I often rant about the shitty retarded modern product design that cruds things up with useless features while ruining the basic function with flimsy unpleasant construction. I though I should give a shout out to some things that get it right.

The most pleasing products in my life are simple, solid, well made analog old-fashioned tools. It's amazing the pleasure in doing something with a good tool; maybe the pleasure is just because I spent so much time with shitty products that when you use a good one it's like sweet relief.

Probably the happiest purchase I ever made in my life was a Japanese Chef's Knife . It just makes me smile every time I chop with it.

Recent good ones :

The Moroso Tire Pressure Gauge is a delightful bit of kit. Just rubber tubing and an analog dial, but it's such a massive improvement over those shitty stick-style gauges. Also, it's not just a gauge, it has a very fine air release valve, so you can get your tire pressures just right by slightly over-inflating them then using the Moroso to slowly release air until it hits the target number dead on. So satisfying.

( BTW while I'm sort of on the topic - I think I've said this many times before, but tires are by far the biggest bang for the buck in car performance ; it's just insane to care about your car's performance and not put very good tires on it. Furthermore, if you're going to do one fiddly thing for your car, that one thing should be adjusting tire pressures for load, temperature, usage ).

One of the insane classic examples is a good stapler . Fucking hell, a proper wonderful solid metal stapler that will last your whole lifetime costs $10-$20. And yet people scrimp in the stupidest fucking way and buy a $5 plastic shitty stapler that's a pain in the ass every time you use it, jamming and failing to puncture thick stacks of paper. This is a mistake I made plenty of times in my youth because I thought I was being thrifty, but it's just retarded, it's not thrifty, it winds up costing you more money in the long run (though only retards use that as an argument since money has different values at different time) and it costs you time and annoyance due to its shittiness. If you're buying basic things like a hammer or a wrench you should buy a really good basic one that will please you and last.

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