02-16-10 - Linkage

YouTube - Air - La Femme D'Argent
ignore the song, it's a great video of Market Street in San Francisco 1905 , watching the traffic weave around

The Curry House - Glossary of Indian Restaurant Curries
pretty good page though probably the UK versions of names

Seattle Traffic stop Map
nice map, surprisingly gathered by the Post Intelligencer. You can clearly see the speed trap at 85th on the 405 right where our work is. It seems there are basically no cops on the bridges, so I can go ahead and speed there more.

Quick question for a Harrier driver, or JF [Archive] - PPRuNe Forums
Holy Shit - I love it when I find these little web forums that are tiny enclaves where the actual fucking people who do these things chat with each other. In this case, the thread is about the hover capabilities and limitations of the Harrier, but you can browse around the forum and be endlessly entertained.

Photo Shoots 2009
Nevada Northern winter freight weekend 1 photos
Nevada Northern 2007 Winter Freight
- another similar thing - there's this whole community of people who restore old trains, and then pose them and take photo shoots of them; it's a lot like pornography, the trains are just preened and posed to capture the "money shot". Very interesting.

Manheim Consulting Used Vehicle Historical Index
Unforunately they charge for their best data.

Kevin Beason - gobal illumination
Lots of papers here.

is a blog where a dude takes specimen-style photos of random objects around the world. The newer stuff is kind of bollocks, but if you browse into the past a bit there's some gold.

and finally, I heard Bruce Dixon on the radio and it made me think "amen brotha, testify!" ; he's the only speaker I've heard in a long time that really got me fired up and ready to take to the streets. One of the main things he's saying these days is basically that Obama is a huge disappointment to liberals and blacks in particular, and we need to hold him accountable. The Obama administration and policies are a direct continuation of GW Bush (same people running the Fed, same people running Defense) , and in some ways things are actually worse (civil liberties, transparency, executive immunity, illegal war methods). He doesn't just call out Obama though, his greatest ire is at the weak liberal voices that refuse to critize Obama, that are beholden to corporate interests, that fail to do independent journalism or speak the truth to power. Sample some Bruce Dixon here : Black Agenda Report the journal of African American political thought and action
Black Agenda Report Obama's SOTU, more than a penny short evildoer's Blog

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Aaron said...

Traffic stop map is kinda interesting. Though, stops / mile is ridiculous. Stops per thousand vehicles or something would make more sense... otherwise it looks like I-5 through seattle has a lot of stops. I have seen *maybe* 5 traffic stops on I-5 the whole time I've lived here, and I have seen a total of maybe 5 cops parked on I-5 ticketing... Just north of Seattle, there is a bunch of ticketing going on though.

It also says those are 2001-2003 numbers.

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