02-05-10 - Friday Linkage

Waterlines Overview - page about the water/landscape history of Seattle ; kind of janky flash interface but some good stuff

The Singer 911 - okay I don't actually think the 911 is a great example of this, but I stumbled on this and it reminded me that if I had arbitrary money and multiple cars, what I really want is an old car that's hollowed out and filled with modern bits. Old cars just look *SO* much cooler than new cars, I love old-style paint jobs, and they have better functional designs too, they're smaller and lighter. I *LOVE* the minimal functional interiors with just simple switches and no computer bits. And with a modern engine and the light old car, this thing does 0-60 in 3.9 sec. Fuck yeah. (instead of the 911 I'd rather see an old Ferrari, like a 1970 246 or Ferrari 250 GT SWB , or an old Jag like an XKE or XKSS, or a BMW 507, or there's plenty of gorgeous old cars to choose from )

The Empire That Was Russia The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated (A Library of Congress Exhibition) - some cool photos or the diversity that was Russia before communism

Southwest Image Gallery - more cool photos; holy shit Southern Utah has an embarassment of riches, and despite my constant road trips around that area I have never been through the good stuff at all because it's always too far out of my way as I'm trying to do the CA-TX route. I would love to cruise all through there some day and do Bryce / Canyonlands / etc

Security Driver Article Info Center - holy shit holy shit. This page is written for like Blackwater driver type people. Some creepy shit in here, and also some really good articles on just how to drive well.

Pashnit California Motorcycle Roads - really nice motorcycle touring page. Has tons of photos and route slips. Useful for cars looking for nice country roads, and even for bicyclists. Mostly California. I miss CA.

English Cut - Dave sent me this blog; pretty amusing

DIE ANTWOORD - Afrikaans Anti-Heroes - awesome videos rave/rap semi-ironic trash - wow !

All the Strange Hours � Making and Thinking About Visual Art - I think his work is shite, but he writes some pretty interesting technical stuff about how artists look at color and the process of painting. I found him because I've been working on chroma and found these : flesh tones , chroma vs saturation , chroma

Munsell Color Science Lab FAQ is full of amusing stuff; it's not super technical, it's for lay people; interesting stuff on the eye and perception of color; this is also pretty amusing : Color Research Demonstration Images


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