02-05-10 - Car Dealers

Car dealers are such fucking cocks that they make me want to just walk away from the deal over and over. I swear they're like intentionally trying to make me not buy a car.

Some just intentionally lie to me to discourage me from being interested in cars. Like when I was looking at Caymans I was like "what about the 911?" and the guy was like "well that will run you $70k or more used, I think that's out of your range". WTF. I know it's more like $50k.

Some are just bizarrely unhelpful. Like when I drove the Mazdaspeed 3 and I was like "hmm I really like it but these seats are pretty awful, do you think I could swap them?" and the guy was just like "I don't think so, and it would be really expensive anyway". WTF.

Some are just super sleazy and weird. They love to ask you about what other cars you're considering and then tell you just absurd retarded negative things about them. Does that actually work on people? It just makes me want to get the fuck away from you.

In general they are just shockingly lazy and actually not pushy. I gave the Porsche dealer here a spec and told him if he could get a car like that in I'd probably pay their premium just to not have to deal with it. He can source cars from any other dealer around the country. Of course he makes no effort to actually do it, and I can see on the web searches that various matching cars exist.

Now the assholes I'm dealing with are just incredibly inflexible and dickish. They make me fight tooth and nail for every tiny concession. Jesus I'm trying my hardest to hand you a bunch of fucking money, do you want to sell or not? WTF. I'm so fucking tempted to walk away from the deal, but then I have to start all over again with someone else. URG.

Like for example, the inspector I sent found out the battery was dead, so I call and I'm like "yeah it looks okay but the battery is dead so you have to replace that" and they respond "I dunno if we can do any repairs at that price" ; WTF you're just being a dick for the sake of being a dick, we both know perfectly well that you will not sell me a car with a dead battery in it, and if I just complain a while you'll cave in, but you just want to add some extra unpleasantness like a shit cherry on this shit sundae.

I swear right now I'll never buy from a dealer again. If I want to buy used, I'll buy from an individual (and only the 1st owner). If I want to buy new I'll use one of those online car direct sites. It should be a nice experience buying an expensive car; it should be like flying first class. They should give you hot towels and champagne and call you "sir". Instead they stuff their shit-covered gangrenous cock in your face and yell "suck it" in your ear, and if you refuse then they don't let you buy a car.

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RYAN said...

I used http://www.amazingautowoman.com/ to get my car, couldn't have been easier...I told her what I wanted and she took care of everything else, even brought the car to my office.

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