01-28-10 - Fun and Safe Driving

Fun and Safe Driving is pretty hillarious. The guy is a real life "in soviet russia car drives you" charicature, and the incredible non-self-aware low rent web site is gold. He is, however, right the fuck on the money with almost everything he says. He also has a few tips that I never heard before, they are :

1. To get a FWD car up a steep slippery hill - go in reverse. This is like "duh" once you hear it.

2. If you see you're about to run into a deep pot hole - slam on the brakes and then slam on the gas before you hit it. The main thing is to not be in a big braking-induced forward-lurch when you hit it.

But I also encourage you to read around the site for a while. The humor doesn't really come through until you get into it a bit.

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