01-21-10 - Confounded Macs

So Natasha plugs the Panasonic DMC-ZS3 into her Mac. iPhoto or some shit pops up and she can get the photos off, but can't get to the videos. So I go to the Panasonic web site for software & support. There's absolutely nothing for the Mac, cuz macs "just work" right? You don't have to install drivers for a mac! Uh, okay. So a little googling reveals that the new version of iMovie has support this camera (genius software plan guys, every time someone releases new hardware you have to rev your major software products!? wtfbbq). Anyhoo, I think we're in business we just have to update iMovie. So we go hit update ...

it wants $79 to update iMovie. Uhhh. In order to get the basic driver support for the camera I bought, I have to pay you for new software. Way to go Mac. You win.


gfm said...

I loved watching Apple come back from the brink to give the world an alternative to Wintel PCs, but at this point I'm done with them.

Between things like this (I've run into similar issues in the past with Mac bundled software and OS updates), the silly fees to upgrade iPod Touch firmware, the locked down app store (coming soon to the Apple Tablet as well... a complete end-around the traditional model of a developer being able to sell software for a platform without the platform owner getting a sizable cut of the profits, creeping up from the cellphone business towards more general purpose computing platforms), various bits of questionable patent enforcement, etc.. they've totally lost me as a customer.

They are much more "evil" now than Microsoft ever was (even in their prime) they just wrap it in a very pretty package.

Brian said...

Strange. The Mac Image Capture utility will pull the videos off of my Canon camera and my gf's Nikon camera. So this must be model specific.

cbloom said...

Yes, the problem is it's new!

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