01-19-10 - Tuesday

When I hit the "back" button, it's shouldn't fucking take forever as it reloads the page. It should be *INSTANT*. It should just show me what it already fucking retreived for that page the last time I was there. I know it's fucking caching all that data already, it's not like it's too much data. One of the most annoying things in the world is when you try to go back pages and you run into one that automatically kicks you forward again, so you have to try to hit back-back-back really quick, wtf.

If you're thinking about getting a 370Z or a Cayman - get a 370Z. It costs less than *half* as much ($30k vs. 60-70k) , has more power, has a limitted slip differential in the very cheap sport package with manual transmission and rev match (LSD in the Cayman is new and only available with automatic). You could get two for the same price. It's frustrating cuz the 370 is so obviously a much better deal, but they just fuck up a few tiny things. For one thing, you have to be six feet tall or less, and for another, they don't want you to actually see out of it. This is most clear when you see : Photo of 370Z and Cayman lined up so you can compare. The Cayman's visibility is just barely okay, and you can see the Z's door is higher, the hood is higher, the whole side window is smaller, the roof cuts into the view more steeply, etc.

It's like many modern designers are enamored with the 1930's Ford Coupe . Yeah, that's an interesting looking car, and maybe if you're designing cars for a movie like the Fifth Element you might copy that style. But not for the real world. We think of gangsters like Al Capone having 30's Fords (though they didn't actually) ; it's cool to be impractical; if you do stupid shit like grow your hair long so it blocks your eyes, or wear your pants so low you can barely walk, that makes you "cool". It's sort of like the animals that grow huge unweildly mating displays (peacock feathers) to demonstrate their value to females - if you can drive around without seeing you must be fucking great.

Sadly this style is becoming near ubiquitous. Cadillac CTS coupe design ; another example is the modern redesigns of classic muscle cars which lets you compare and contrast : Dodge Challenger old and new (it's not so obvious there how big the difference is because the old car rides higher, but the old car is almost 1:1 door to window, and the new one is closer to 2:1).

The other bad trend is the upsweep curve ; Mercedes moron designers give us the F700 concept to really illustrate the ugly and retarded upsweep; but real Mercedes have the same problem

Linkage :

YouTube - MonkeyLectric Video Pro bike wheel light display - when I see shit like this I can't help thinking "that would be rad at burning man", which makes me want to punch myself ; they want $2000 for it which seems pretty absurd, computer controlled LED strips can't be that expensive; skip to the last 5 seconds to see how it works; if they did something cool like self-power by the motion of the wheel rather than just use batteries I would be more excited
This guy Nazgee made his own and posted PCB specs ; I guess if you browse around youtube a bit there are shit-tons of these things. Ok, it's not cool anymore.

YouTube - Binary Star - Reality Check
TheBox Browse - BBC torrent site
The Fifth Column - if you need more vitriolic ranting
Salumi backroom lunch - meh looks like shit actually but interesting to see
FFTW Home Page - good FFT sources
Fastening Things to Drywall - best page on this topic
Dark Roasted Blend - old but I forget how good it is
cap to the hill - local lesbian blog, amusing to see another person's experience of the same places
Bra Size Calculator - best one of these
Increase in suicide rate of vets - suicide kills more soldiers than combat does
Reverse Dotty ; I'm not sure how I feel about the music (I guess it was inevitable that the retro movement would move on from synth pop to the art-punk of early Sonic Youth and such) , but anyway ghost riding the ambulance is fucking genius. I rather like their song OMD .


Brian said...

I used to kitesurf with Dan, the guy that owns MonkeyLectric. I'm pretty sure it is just a low volume custom manufacturing that makes it so pricey. Their other product is much cheaper.

The video also shows the Star Simpson of Boston airport infamy.

captothehill said...

haha, we aren't a lesbian blog but that's cool. thanks for the link! cheers!

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