01-15-10 - Friday

Seattle becomes liveable again around April 1. Until then I'm ticking off days like a prisoner. The rain is mildly annoying, not really a big deal. The constant cloud cover is pretty bad, the day just never gets bright and is just a mild gray. But perhaps the worst part of the winter is just the ridiculously short days. Eight hours of sunlight is not enough. With sunrise at 8 AM and sunset at 4:30, most working people don't get one single moment of free time in the sun.

We get our 12 hour day on Mar 17, which is also a perfectly aligned 7:18 AM sunrise 7:18 PM sunset. Time to hibernate.

Rapha is a ridiculous haute hipster bicycle clothing company. All their stuff is about 2X-3X the price it should be. It's sort of a weird market they're aiming at - their aesthetic is pure hipster, but they feature real road bikes and spandex and actual functional stuff; I guess they're aimed squarely at people like me - aging hipster wannabes with money to burn and a love of function as well as form. I'm ashamed of myself. Anyway - ignore the clothes and look at the photologs in their rides section. They're beautiful, inspiring photos; they make me want to get out in the US and ride. I mean, yeah they are ridiculous hipster photos, with that 70's-style photo effect applied to every fucking shot (or I guess it's the cameras+film they use), but it's nice.

I watched "Funny People" on the plane ; I dunno if it was just because of it being the plane, but I actually thought it was pretty good. Like, not amazing, but also not fucking cutesy and insulting like 40 Year Old Virgin or Little Miss Sunshine or Knocked Up or Juno, all of which are so fucking shmaltsy and predictable and tedious. (for reference, I think the best comedy of recent years was Superbad). I also saw about 5 minutes of "Paper Heart" on the plane ; jebus that was bad. I quite like Adam Sandler when he's in more serious roles (IMO his best was probably Punch Drunk Love) and not doing the shooba-scaba-doo hamming it up routine that made him famous.

I'm enjoying White Hinterland : Icarus quite a bit.

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