01-13-10 - Misc

I'm trying to route my blog feed through FeedBurner so that I can hook it up to Analytics now that Google have finally got off their asses and made that work : (see 1 or 2 ). If all goes well I'll post the results in a few weeks.

My body clock is all fucked up from Thailand; I was waking up at like 4 or 5 AM, so I figured I'd just go with it and try the "early schedule" hypothesis of work days. I'm working 7-3 or so, which lets me just avoid traffic both from and to, and is actually a full length day. Those are the plusses. The minus is that it's really fucking hard to wake up and get moving in the pitch black before sunrise. Also it feels really weird to eat lunch at 10 and dinner at 5. I feel mildly tired and unhappy all the time. In theory, sleeping from 10 to 6 is the same as sleeping from 12 to 8, but it doesn't feel the same to me yet.

RANSAC is useful.

You can make your own creme fraiche apparently !? I'm a little disturbed by leaving dairy at room temperature for 4 days.

Evolution of alphabets animated gif ; awesome.

Bike Snob NYC is funny and informative. Okay, maybe not informative.

Home made Almond Milk is fucking delicious. Who knew !? I'm so turned off by retarded vegans and raw-food morons that I sometimes miss good things just because they love them. Of course almond milk is actually an ancient treat in many cultures which has only been recently sullied by foolish propaganda. It's nice Indian style with a little cinammon/nutmeg/cardamom and perhaps some cashews. The shit in a box is disgusting though.

Dj100proof best of 2009 list is cbloom approved.

The shitty A-Data SDHC card I got claims to be "Class 6" which is supposed to be a minimum speed, but the Lumix DMC-ZS3 shits out every so often and says the card wasn't fast enough. Well, it turns out those classes don't really hold a lot of water because nobody is enforcing it, so shitty fuckers like A-Data just put the label on their card even though their card isn't fast enough (the "150X" or whatever they use in marketting is pure bullshit, a lot like the "X" numbers for CD drives; the "Class" is supposed to be a reliable minimum speed). For real speeds, see : Tom's Hardware test or Rob Galbraith in-camera testing . The main thing to look at is the Tom's Write Speed test at the bottom, and look at the dark gray minimum speed bars. The Silicon Power card tests well but is not widely available. The Lexar Professional (not Platinum II) and ATP Pro cards are ridiculously expensive and small so we ignore those. The legit cards are the San Disk Extreme III (not Ultra II) and the Transcend cards. The Transcend cards are about half the price of SanDisk Extreme III cards, so that's my recommendation at the moment : Transcend 16 GB Class 6 for $42 . I also like the fact that all Transcend cards seem to perform well, unlike other brands where you have to be very careful about what exact variant you buy. Yeah I guess I did a stupid thing just buying something and trusting that it did what it claimed, but my god it's so fucking annoying how much you have to research every time you buy anything. The actual dollar cost of these purchases is dwarfed by the time cost of research and/or returns.


Jon Olick said...

What are you using RANSAC for?

cbloom said...

Computer vision correspondence problem for video true motion estimation.

Jon Olick said...

Creating a Fundamental Matrix?

Jon Olick said...

or is this like that Patch Match stuff?

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