01-12-10 - Load Balancing Router RFC

I'm thinking about getting the Clear 4G broadband for my home because Broadstripe (Brownstripe) is so absurdly bad. Not only is Broadstripe just ridiculously shitty slow bandwidth, they seem to throttle streaming video, which means I can't use Netflix Watch Instantly. Clear 4G claims to get 3-6 Mb/sec (that's bits not bytes sadly) which would double or triple my current connection if I actually get that speed. (BTW Clear is just a rebranding of Clearwire which has a horrible reputation).

Anyway I would want to use a "load balancing" router like : this from hotbrick or this doulink ; I wonder if I'm in for a world of hurt ? Has anyone done this ?

It might also be nice to have the "QoS" feature and see if I can get it to actually let normal POP/SMTP/HTTP packets through preferentially to torrent/video/streaming packets. In theory you should always be able to have snappy text web response no matter how much data streaming you're doing.


Jon Olick said...

5g or 4.5g will be probably be out in a year or so, and it will be twice as fast as the current speeds. So its probably a good idea to transition over to this as it obviously has a sharper curve and will overtake land-lines sooner or later.

Thatcher Ulrich said...

These are wireless broadband? You can't get something that uses a wire? Isn't Seattle the capital of Speakeasy DSL?

Re QoS: my ordinary Linksys router (some flavor of wrt54) can configure it. It was a terrible router for torrent until I updated the firmware to the latest mfg version. I can't tell if the qos actually does anything - I don't suffer much so I haven't paid attention.

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