12-16-09 - Belle de Jour

I've been somewhat amused by the Belle de Jour story at The Daily Mail or Times Online

A few things strike me. One is that pretty, intelligent girls seem to be very stupid about using their body for money. First of all, it's clear that these girls have no problem using their body for money, that's what they're doing. So, how should you do that to maximize money with minimal risk and bad consequences? There are many better ways than being a prostitute, which has a large number of negative consequences (risk of murder/abuse, risk of disease, risk of reputation destruction, risk of ruining relationships current & future, risk of messing yourself up psychologically, risk of stalkers / pimps that won't let you quit, etc. etc.). Probably the best way is just to marry rich. Barring that, even just dating rich can be very lucrative. You can make massive amounts of money just cocktail waitressing in the right place, and even more stripping. One problem for Belle of course is that she's not actually very attractive, so she can't get the top stripper dollars that you get in places like Vegas. Of course with a little savvy you can still make decent money on the internet, especially if you have some personality and create a character that people want to follow and you're not just a body; then you can make money from premium cam subscriptions, but perhaps even more so from merchandising and advertising connections.

It always kind of amazes me how little money these girls are willing to do things for. It's such a negative potentially life-damaging move, that you should only accept that if the reward was life changing money, like at least $10k (or more if your life prospects are good). But it's not even close, it's less than $100 for most girls (apparently Belle got a few hundo).

Most disappointingly, the actual blog is just really boring. It's mostly high-fallutin' self-indulgent "observations" and gossip. Not nearly enough real gritty factual story telling of encounters. And the stories of her personal relationships seem to indicate she's just very selfish and manipulative and not nice to men, which makes it all much less interesting.

I think maybe I wrote this before (?) but I had an idea a long time ago to start a Hot Chick Hedge Fund. It's really tragic (from an economic point of view) that there are really hot chicks in places like eastern europe that are not using their hotness for maximum profit. They're doing things like turning tricks for $10 or doing small-market porn. Now, they aren't money machines as is, they aren't ready for the US market. But you could take them, teach them better english, and more importantly teach them a bit of class, how to dress, hot to put on make up, how to flirt and talk to men, etc. Now they're money making machines, they could cocktail in vegas, strip, or just try to marry rich. The Hot Chick Hedge Fund spends a few thousand on each girl and in exchange gets 10% of earning for 10 years or something. It's win-win. Hot chicks are just a physical resource exactly like oil or gold, financial utility is made by transporting them to the market that has the highest prices. This is really basic capitalism.

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