12-10-09 - Hate mail

Gmail spam woes continue :

Gmail classifies my own outgoing mail that gets a failure notice as spam. Urg.

Gmail classifies mails that are autogenerated by Google Groups as spam (signups / failures /etc). Good job.

A hate letter :

Dear Toyota Avalon rental car,

I hate you. I hate you when you beep when I unlock the doors, when you beep when I don't put on my seat belt. I hate your automatic headlights and automatic dash lights, that adjust too late and then stay on too long every time I drive through a tunnel. I hate that you're huge and slow and floaty, I hate that you feel like an old American car. I hate that even though you have no acceleration, you will happily spin the front tires, making it even harder to pull out into traffic. I hate that you have fucking push button up/down for temperature and such, which forces me to look at a digital screen to tell what I'm doing; god knows I don't need my eyes on the road. I hate that your volume knob is one of those fake digital knobs that just spins and gives me no tactile feedback on position.

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Aaron said...

Haha, burn, you got a toyota rental car too.

Just remember, if it starts runaway accelerating out of control, SHIFT INTO NEUTRAL (I practiced it a few times in the Camry that I just had).

Someone Marian's family knows in Taiwan just died from the Toyota runaway acceleration problem.

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