12-07-09 - eBay

eBay is such a fucking scam. I recently sold a bike for $1280. eBay takes a total fee of $22.35 ; PayPal (also eBay) takes a fee of $37.42 ; UPS charges $125 ($80 shipping plus the fucking +$45 large item surchage scam).

The net result is that people pass items back and forth, and eBay and UPS get rich.

I thought the UPS home pickup was pretty sweet. For those who aren't aware, you can request a home pickup for free any time; because they do residential in the evening usually, you can request a pickup even after 3 PM and still get it the same day. You print your own label and out goes your box.

I was not aware of the large item scam. UPS apparently automatically remeasures your box in transit. This is sort of a scam because if they smash the box and it gets bigger, they will remeasure it and charge you. The large item scam is this sudden extra charge that they tack on in a weird way. If the

Length + 2 * ( Width + Height ) >= 130 inches

A standard size bike box is 54 x 8 x 30 , so you're at 54 + 2 * ( 8 + 30 ) = 130 exactly. If they remeasure it and the box is bulging at all, like if the width is now 8.5 inches, boom you get the +$45 charge.

Hey fuck you, we have a monopoly, what are you gonna do about it? Not use UPS? LOL. What can brown do for you? We shit directly in the customer's mouth and they come back for more.

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