11-29-09 - 7 Habits of Highly Retarded People

1. Being annoyed when you say something they "already know". Smart/effective people don't care when you say something they already know. They understand that you're just trying to establish the agreed basis to make the next step. Logical/effective people discuss and learn by establishing firm agreed upon tenets and then going through a series of logical conclusions. Retarded people get all annoyed when you say something obvious cuz they think you're calling them dumb.

2. Saying they "get it" when they don't. This is a huge annoyance that I struggled with when I was a teacher. Smart people will listen and then tell you "hmm I don't get that, how does this follow from this?". Retarded people are really eager to show how smart they are so they want to say "ok, I get it" as quickly as possible, but they'll say it in a really uncertain way that's obvious they don't get it. And then if you ask what part they don't get, they'll say "all of it".

3. Believing they are "too dumb" to do something. Maybe they are dumb, but that's almost never actually the problem. It's almost always laziness. Being dumb doesn't make most things impossible, it just makes them harder. This usually comes after you try to explain something for a while and then they get frustrated and give up and say "ugh, I'm just too dumb for this" (which is also an annoying plea to be told "no you're not too dumb"). In reality they are too lazy and not willing to put in the hard mental work to do it. Smart people know that some things are hard and don't come easily and you have to work at it for a while, and if you aren't getting it, it's usually because you aren't working enough, not because you're too dumb.

4. Thinking they're doing a bad job because they're "too good" for their current position. Every McDonalds cashier thinks they could be head of corporate marketing if someone would just give them a chance. Yes, they suck as a cashier and are totally irresponsible and don't come to work on time and don't take any initiative, but that's just because they're "too good" to be a good cashier. Of course this is just fantasy and self-sabotage.

5. Believing that "the system" is somehow to blame for their lack of success. Most of the underemployed believe that there are phantom hands somehow holding them down, or that society should somehow be different in a way that would benefit them. The reality of the world will always be that a minority get the spoils, and you can either earn your way into that minority or not.

6. Believing there will actually be 7 items when the title says so.


HannahJ said...

what a loser and waste of space you are. pathetic.

cbloom said...

( LOL )

1. Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my blog ?

2. What is the vengeful hurtful motivation to post a comment like this rather than just unsubscribing? You do realize that you read blogs at your own choice and there is an unsubscribe button ?

3. Habit 7 of highly retarded people is to take very general discussions that make them feel bad and turn it into a personal attack which is just boring and unproductive.

cbloom said...

4. Did you egg my house ?

Aaron said...

The funny thing is the system IS wired to keep them down (and us to, since we're not running things but we probably kinda think we should be [that said, we both generally accept that we're too lazy and un-motivated to climb up to that next level... in some sense we're worse than the cashier-guy, cuz if we really focused and got motivated about making money, we could gain relatively quite a bit more than cashier guy. He might make manager at the mcdonalds, we could be millionaires.]). Granted, it's kinda a combo effect of some merit-driven limits to 'climbing the corporate ladder' so to speak, and a much more personality- and (most importantly) nepotism. Humans want people we know, who we can relate to, and who are basically competent to run things. And yeah, it helps if you can tie your shoelaces and show up to work on time, and that knocks out like 60% of the population right there. Eliminating those who just aren't driven enough probably knocks out another 30 percent (though almost all of that 60% are also not driven enough). Of the 10% remaining, most of them are driven because they had some pretty good modeling on 'how to be drive' (very driven parents, etc), so they're usually already in some pretty cushy surroundings. It's pretty rare to get 'the whole package' you need for success and not already be in one of the successful social strata. Doesn't mean you can't pick up one or two of the critical pieces by busting your ass and inch up a bit, though.

People beg for pills for intelligence. Feh. If you could sell pills for MOTIVATION that would be much better. The funny thing is that motivation is almost totally internally generated, but insanely hard to get going on your own, especially if you've grown up in and around and steeped in failure.

cbloom said...

"The funny thing is the system IS wired to keep them down"

That's only partially true. But in any case, all that does is make things more difficult, and it's wrong to say that's why you're down, it's just something to fight on your way up.

But I also was mostly talking about middle class white under-achievers, not somebody who actually has things to struggle against.

And of course like DUH the people in power want to stay in power and help their friends stay in power. That's not some evil system, it's just human nature and common sense. When you have the golden egg, you don't just give away to someone else because they're smarter. You guard it every way you can.

Obviously the people in power make the rules of the game. You can still do very well in that game if you have a bit of motivation. If you don't like those rules, that's your fault.

I can't stand defeatism.

Aaron said...

"That's only partially true"

Yeah I agree it's only a partial effect, and only makes things more difficult (and obviously not impossible). But making it more difficult is all it takes in most cases.

"But I also was mostly talking about middle class white under-achievers"

Yeah folks in the middle class really have no excuse. Except maybe that they were raised by television and a system of entitlement without effort that trains them to think they deserve shit they didn't work for.

"That's not some evil system, it's just human nature and common sense"

I didn't mean to imply it was evil. I think it's actually preferable to conceivable merit-based systems. Merit is incredibly difficulty to actually measure in practice. But if you know someone well you can probably get a pretty decent idea of the quality of that person.

cbloom said...

"I think it's actually preferable to conceivable merit-based systems. Merit is incredibly difficulty to actually measure in practice. But if you know someone well you can probably get a pretty decent idea of the quality of that person."

There's a lot to be said for nepotism / hiring friends or people in your close circle.

For one thing it really is a good way to find someone decent. Not just in terms of capability but someone who will interact well with the group and get along with you.

For another, when you reward someone in your circle, it increases your value in the circle and makes it more likely you will get rewards back some day. If you benefit some outsider based on merit it's likely they will fuck you and never repay the favor.

Similarly, there's a lot to be said for the value of shame and peer pressure. Someone in your close circle will not want to rip you off or let you down or steal clients or whatever because they know it will ruin their reputation in the group. An outsider doesn't have that pressure and can bail on you with no consequences.

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