11-24-09 - Google Voice

I'm now using Google Voice cuz it's better than nothing, but it has some major usability problems :

1. Not integrated with Mail and Reader. I have to keep 3 web pages open if I want to see all my junk. Yeah yeah I know can make an iGoogle page or some shit to put them together but I shouldn't have to do anything. Deliver me all my notifications together please.

2. No realtime refresh, no sound notification on new messages. If I want to see if I got new messages I have to go over and hit refresh !? Not cool. I should be able to tray it. Really it needs to be a proper Win32 app and behave more like Trillian or other IM clients, not some web shit.

3. It collapses threads like a motherfucker. That's totally inappropriate for SMS conversations where each message is 1 sentence. It starts collapsing at 5 messages, which means pretty much every conversation is collapsed all the time. I find myself just constantly clicking the "N more messages" buttons to make it fucking un-collapse. Also it seems to have no sensitivity in the collapsing to how recent the thread is. Obviously the fucking thread that I'm writing in RIGHT NOW shouldn't be collapsed, but the one from two weeks ago could be collapsed even a lot more.

4. Disabling ring-through is buried too deep in the settings. It should be a toggle right on the main page whether to ring & forward through or not. My main usage now is when I sit down at my desk at work I want to disable all the ring-through and SMS forwarding, and do all my "phone" at my computer. When I get up again I want ring-through to be re-enabled. (Also if I forget to re-enable it, it needs to be easier to toggle from my phone!).

5. Previous complaint about SMS forwarding not setting caller id still stands. Hopefully this will get fixed, but I'm becoming more tolerant of it.

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[ ] Would not visit again.
[x] Likes puppies and babies and would visit again.
[ ] Thinks the standard model has issues.
[ ] Sexy women should promote this blog.
[ ] Likes multiple choice.

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