11-19-09 - Pathetic

There's nothing worse than being intelligent but lazy. Intelligent enough to know that all ordinary activities are banal and pointless, but too lazy to do anything you think is actually interesting. It's a pathetic state of feeling superior but being despicable.

Dined at Tilth the other day. I won't even write a review, but I need to stop going to "New American" restaurants because they're just so fucking boring. Seared protein, buttered veg, some broth or foam, SNORE.

The best season of The Simpsons is Season 5. Season 4 (of Mr. Plow - though the best episode is Homer the Heretic) is a little bit too rough still (earlier seasons are way too rough). Season 6 (of Itchy & Scratchy Land and A Star is Burns) is really good, but it's just a bit too smooth. Season 5 is the pinnacle where they have just figured out the magic formula (which they didn't quite have down in Season 4 so it has some real rough misses), but they haven't gotten so practiced in it that it feels old hat (which Season 6 starts to smell of). The best episode ever is Season 5 - "Homer loves Flanders" and the second best is "Homer and Apu".

Also, not having watched The Simpsons is kind of like not ever having seen a Shakespeare play or heard The Beatles music. It's *the* seminal work of the medium of Televison.

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