11-14-09 - Stereotypes

I cop out of fashion choices. I like to just wear jeans and t-shirts because it shows that I'm not trying. When girls ask me about fashion things I say "I dunno, I suck at fashion, don't ask me". Of course the real issue is that I'm afraid if I try a little bit, it will just look shitty and look like I'm trying and failing. I don't want to put in the time and effort to really do a good job, so instead I just intentionally do a really bad job.

This is a shitty position to be in (not wanting to try all the way so you intentionally don't try at all). It would be much better if you could just try a little bit. The problem is that it works so well. When you try a little bit, the world mocks you. They don't appreciate the fact that you're making an effort, showing what you can do, even if you suck.

I think when girls do the whole "do I look fat?" or "you don't really love me" routines, obviously it's partly insecurity, but it's also a dominance game. They get you to prostate yourself before them, to whimper and beg them to feel okay, they humiliate you, and then if you have performed like the lowly dog that you are to their liking, they show mercy and forgive you.

Women use their emotional powers to manipulate and attack men; when women feel vulnerable or demeaned they lash out with painful words. This is a balance for the physical dominance of the male; we could beat them up at any time and they're a little terrified of that and try to defend themselves and achieve their own sort of power in a relationship. It's only fair, I don't think I'm saying anything controversial; men are very naive about interpersonal war, most women are far more adept at it, and of course they use their skills for their benefit. Women use their sly emotional dominance skills on other women of course, but also on their lover, something that most men find terrifying and revolting. There's a power gap - both sides know the man is physically more powerful, and that's a shitty feeling for the woman to have, even if you never use that power. It's sort of like a non-nuclear state being in negotations with a nuclear state. Like hey, we know you're never gonna use the nukes, but dude you have a picture of one on the wall, that makes us feel a bit uncomfortable here.

Digital ovens are such fucking retarded bollocks. I shouldn't have to hit Plus/Minus to set the fucking temperature. In order to put my oven to Bake at 400 I have to hit something like 10 key presses; I have to hit "bake" "temp set" "plus plus plus plus plus" "bake". It should be a fucking spinny knob like the old days. And my fucking OVEN SHOULD NOT BEEP AT ME EVER NEVER EVER !! Not when I press buttons, not when it reaches the desired temperature, never ever never. Fucking electronics everything flashing and blinking and beeping is a fucking awful noise polluting annoying turd. Turn off all the lights in a house these days and it's fucking red and green christmas light city of blinks everywhere. The old plain mechanical ovens with an analog dial you turn to set temperature were just about perfect in terms of user interface and usability. You modern designers all suck so damn bad.


Tom Forsyth said...

> They get you to prostate yourself before them

Kinky typo!

Aaron said...

You can get an over with a simple knob, but you have to pay a premium. I think they start around $3500 for something decent with a knob. Of course, that knob probably plugs right into a circuitboard.

This isn't an option for you, but I just bought these space heaters that made this INSANELY loud beeping noise on every button press. Ear-splitting. I just took them apart and took a pair of pliars and ripped the piezo-electric speaker right off the fucking circuitboard. Sweet sweet silence.

cbloom said...

Yeah I always figure when I finally get around to buying a new car, they all are fucking filthy with annoying beeps - I'll have to just get behind the dash and rip out the speaker.

Thatcher Ulrich said...

The real oven knobs do still exist but only at the super low end and super high end.

Maybe the same is true of cars?

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