11-10-09 - Truth

Truth is the hobgoblin of small minds. Foolish people dismiss things because they aren't true.

A while ago we talked about the myth of the Bonobo. The myth is that humans are most closely related to Bonobos and Chimps. Chimps are super violent, aggressive, territorial, masculine ; they settle disputes by beating each other; when conflicting tribes of chimps meet at a border they scream and often kill each other. Bonobos are peaceful, tender, feminine; they settle disputes by fucking; when tribes meet they groom each other and fuck. It's almost like the two sides of human nature split in two (like the Dark Crystal) to form the Bonobos and Chimps. Of course it's a big lie spread by sloppy biologists who just saw what they wanted to see, but who cares? It's a fucking great story. I despise it when I tell that story and some jackass is like "that's not actually true". I know it's not fucking true, pipe down.

I have a great fondness for romanticized peasant farmers, like in Tree of Wooden Clogs or Once in Europa or whatever. People just love to point out to me that it's not really like that; that those people are actually just provincial and ignorant and awful rednecks. I fucking know that! I'm not retarded, I know it's romanticized ; is any movie or book or anything remotely realistic !?

Another one that bugs me is when somebody's trying to prove a point and they cite some examples or some history and they fuck up the specifics, some jackass will always point out the little mistake they made. You're wasting our time and detracting from the real argument. Just pretend that he cited the right examples and then focus on the point that he was trying to make.

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