11-10-09 - Touchy

It's always perplexed me how touchy people are about things that don't matter. Like yeah, I understand when you're touchy about something you care about or are sensitive about. Like if you hope to be a writer and you give me something to read, okay, I know you're touchy about that and that's fine. (of course in that situation I feel just crippled, afraid to say anything, it's so awkward, I hate it when people ask for my opinion on their work because I know they don't really want it).

People who absolutely suck at cooking are totally touchy about it. If you just ask simple questions like "is this Lawry's seasoned salt on here?" they get all defensive like "my momma used Lawry's , there's nothing fucking wrong with Lawry's" ; well A. chill out, I didn't say there was anything wrong with it, B. yes there is something wrong with it, and C. you obviously don't fucking care about cooking so why are you so defensive? D. it was actually pretty fucking delicious and I was going to compliment it before you lost your shit.

A funny one that seems really universal is loading the dishwasher. God forbid you rearrange someone's dishwasher loading because they did it badly, they'll be all like "oh, my dishwasher loading's not good enough for you? uh you're so annoying and picky". Well if you fucking had any clue about how dishwashers worked you wouldn't put pans right in the way of the telescoping jet that comes up in the middle, and you wouldn't put the plate surfaces right up against each other so that no water can get between them, and you wouldn't put bowls on the plate rack, or lie wine glasses down sideways. I mean


Jon Olick said...

intriguing, please go on

MH said...

Im a bit offended actually.

mikeshlz said...

I gave up explaining the dishwasher a long time ago. It's a no win conversation.

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