11-06-09 - I-Phone

Over the weekend in SF I finally used an iPhone myself extensively to look up clubs, restuarants, etc.

OMG what a piece of shit. All you iPhone users have just been lying to me about how great it is; are you all brain-washed !? If it belonged to me I would have bashed it against a desk or thrown it out a window it was so fucking frustrating to use.

1. The fucking finger navigation is so broken. I kept accidentally clicking links. It won't fucking let you scroll around when the page is still loading !? WTF !? How do you put your finger down to navigate when the spot you need to put it on is all covered in links? Plus the amount that you can scroll is only equal to one page.

2. The two-finger zoom is a fucking useless gimmick. So annoying and hard to use. Again I'm accidentally clicking links or scrolling, and I constantly run into the limit of how much my fingers can move on the screen. It would be so much better just to have a mouse-wheel type of zoom wheel, or even a +/- magnifying glass increment. Hell for scrolling I'd rather have two physical sliders or wheels on the edges of the screen.

3. The keyboard thing is mostly okay, but occasionally very frustrating when you keep getting the wrong letter and have to back up over and over. Maybe it should zoom up the area that you are trying to click, like the tap should be a hold & release, it should select the letter on release and it should zoom while you hold, then you could hold & slide your finger to disambiguate.

4. No Flash support !? WTF. I knew about this, but so much of the web is flash-only now, it's pretty crippling.

5. No right click "open in new window" for links, and no way to duplicate the current page to a new page !? Maybe you can do these and we just didn't know how.

6. I often found myself in situtations where I couldn't go back in browsing. I'm not sure exactly how this happened but I'd just be browsing a bit and realize that I want to go back and then I notice the back button is greyed out and I can't get back. WTF. Combined with trying to scroll around and accidentally clicking links this was probably the biggest frustration, I'd have to restart my whole browse from the beginning because I'd misclick a link and then find I couldn't undo it.

7. No undo stack in general. All the scrolling and zooming and everything should be on an undo stack. Again largely needed due to awful laggy interface, you find yourself in weird spots and just want to go back and you can't.

8. Apps were even worse. I tried the Yelp app and the Urbanspoon app. Both have kind of nice interfaces, but it's just a fucking retarded idea. You're locked into their way of navigating and it's frustrating as all hell and they're missing features. I tried to fight with them briefly before screaming and just closing them and going back to the normal web. I don't understand choosing to limit myself into some dumb fuck developer's way of getting information.

Conclusion : it's a frustrating pile of turd and I don't know WTF you all are so happy about. It gives me great rage.


Jon Olick said...

couldn't agree more on all points. I'm not quite sure what they were thinking with the no flash. However I was also not sure what they were thinking before when Steve Jobs was proclaimed "All applications are web apps" bs in the first iPhone intro. Glad they at least have an app store now. I think the source of the problem is that they are 'high on their own supply' and are doomed to failure. China is wiser and haven't adopted iPhones at all. I think total iPhone sales in China was measured in the thousands.

johnb said...

Not sure what you mean about point 3... the iPhone (or at least the iPod Touch, which as far as I'm aware uses the same software) does exactly this.

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