11-05-09 - Quicksilver

"Quicksilver" (starring Kevin Bacon) is a "classic" bicycle movie, in the sense that there are only like 3 bicycle movies and it's one of them. It's mostly just a light piece of trash featuring some pretty amusing absurdly cheezy 80's-isms. The dance scene where Bacon dances with his bicycle is precious.

Winning is a feeling you never lose.

Speeding towards the final -- and deadly -- showdown...

Kevin Bacon is Jack Casey. He traded in his three-piece suit for a ten-speed and the streets.

For Jack Casey, playing the market was life in the fast lane... until he joined QUICKSILVER where the fast lane was a way of life!

It also has the most insane boldly obviously wrong stuff I've ever seen in a Hollywood movie. The city shots randomly switch between New York and SF. And not like in a subtle way at all, like they specifically show very unique SF hilly streets, and then very NY dense traffic city streets. People talk in NY accents and the characters are obviously very NY and the messengers talk about NY addresses for deliveries (68th St., etc), but he works on the Pacific Stock Exchange. It's bizarre, it's like they wanted certain aspects of both cities and someone in the production meeting was like "oh yeah, we'll just switch back and forth, nobody will notice, movie-goers are idiots!". There are a few scenes where they literally ride around a corner in NY and turn onto a street in SF (and the lighting changes dramatically of course).

Bacon's bike also magically switches between fixed gear and freewheel. In most of the close up and low speed shots it's fixed, but then any time they're going fast or going down hill he's suddenly magically free wheeling.

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