10-28-09 - Diversions

We're going to SF for Halloween. It's weird to be going back; I've been thinking about what one thing I really miss and what I'd like to do, and I can't really think of anything specific. I just liked being there, wandering around, exploring, taking little pointless trips around the city.

San Francisco for Halloween is kind of a weird thing because so many typical costumes are just normal clothes there. Dress as a guy from the 70's like Starsky or Huggy Bear? Oh, that's just a normal hipster. Dress as Tobias Funke as in daddy likes leather? Just a leather daddy from the Castro. Dress as a woman? Just another tranny. It's hard to dress up as something unusual when everyone is so unusual all the time.

Starsky and Hutch great photo.

Crafty Goths really are fucking crafty with leather. Wow.

Speaking of leather crafts ; Mr. S Leather is really fucking disturbing. I don't understand at all the urge to do those things to yourself, or to see other people do them. I have a pretty high tolerance to raunch and this almost made me vomit. (there's nothing bad on the greeting page until you click "enter")

Sunrise / Sunset times in Seattle ; our days are now down to 10 hours and we lose 3 minutes every day. (of course even when it is "day light" it's fucking gray).

Superbomba! photo tumblr; pretty rad.

Little Red Studio Erotic Haunted House in Seattle looks so awkward and unpleasant. I really want someone else to go so I can hear about it, though.

I've had this dream for a little while of adapting a bicycle to ride train tracks by putting an outrigger on it. Well of course someone's done that which is rad and all but sort of reduces my excitement about the idea.

Pretty good historical costume rental shop in Seattle . I don't really like dressing up for Halloween, but I've always wanted to go to a real fancy dress costume party. But not like the ones that actually exist. The ones that exist are either fucking fancy society events where people dress nice (good) but everyone is a bore (bad), or house parties where the costume theme is "pimps n' hos" or some shit and people just get drunk and act like they always do (it's always funny when some college house party has a theme like that and most people don't even dress up at all, but there's always one girl who shows up very nearly nude). In my imagination I'd go to masked balls for young beautiful sophisticated people where the costume gives you anonymity and lets you sink into sensual depravity. Which leads me to -

Venetian carnival masks ; this one is apparently made by the Boldrin brothers who made the actual masks for Eyes Wide Shut. (BTW Scorcese really likes Eyes Wide Shut which prooves he has terrible taste). I like the historical myth of the Bauta, that it let upper class Venetians go incognito and cavort without staining their honor.

I finally made it to the Seattle Graffiti Wall with N ( see also ). It's a pretty rad thing. There were three guys there painting when we stopped by. It gets painted and repainted over and over; when we were there one guy was finishing up this really wicked octopus, but it's probably gone by now.

Afrikando Afrikando is a pretty fucking great experience if you like weirdness and adventure dining. There's a lot of fun little ethnic pockets down in South Seattle.

Taqueria La Estacion in Burien are the best tacos in Seattle. If you're driving around the Mexican part of town trying to pick which Taqueria to stop at, do what I do : look for a Mexican in a cowboy hat. If you just go to the place that has a bunch of vatos, it will probably just be cheap and not necessarilly good (and they're probably ordering tortas, not tacos); look for the well dressed older Mexicans.


Aaron said...

It's scary how fast it transitions from long days to short days around here. I always feel like the earth is falling off it's axis when it happens.

cbloom said...

3 min/day = 1.5 hours in a month

yeah it's fast. And it feels even faster because it coincides with the abrupt transition to rainy season; it feels like we go from glorious sunny summer days to short dark days in the blink of an eye.

Aaron said...

It must be because I probably notice it once a week or so, like 'man this monday commute is way darker than last week', and yeah, a 7*3 = 21min shift is pretty noticeable. Yep. This year was weird too. It was totally nice and then BAM it just clamped down like a hammer. Hasn't done that in the last few years that I recall.

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